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A central pillar of Dublin hurling calls time on inter-county career after 11 years
‘The dream was to win an All-Ireland but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I can only hope that chapter will be written in my absence.’
Last week, the US passed a bill to radically reform its criminal justice system - but what will it change?
The bill passed in the Senate last week after it received huge bipartisan support.
Poll: Would you like Paul Ryan to be the ambassador to Ireland?
Ryan claims Irish roots, having traced his ancestors back to Ireland during the Famine.
Paul Ryan: 'I wouldn’t mind being ambassador to Ireland in my 60s'
House Speaker Paul Ryan has traced his ancestry back to 19th-century Ireland.
In a blow to Republicans, House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's going to retire
The House Speaker said the decision was a personal one, saying he didn’t want his kids to have a “weekend dad”.
'I carry Ireland with me everywhere I go': Leo likely to indulge Pence and Ryan with talk of Irish roots
The Taoiseach is about to set off on a whirlwind tour of America for St Patrick’s Day.
Paul Ryan deleted a tweet where he hailed a $1.50 tax saving for a US school worker
The Republican tax cut has been criticised for favouring the wealthy.
Republicans turn on Roy Moore as several women accuse him of sexual harassment
Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions and John McCain have all called on Moore to drop out of the Senate race in Alabama.
One day after bodyslamming reporter, Republican politician gets elected, vows to 'drain the swamp'
Greg Gianforte has defeated his Democrat rival Rob Quist comfortably in the Montana special election.
'We learned about loyalty': Trump blames Democrats after humbling healthcare defeat
“I think I made a mistake, but that’s okay,” Trump told the Washington Post.
'No need to step down'? US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stood down from the Russia/Trump inquiry
Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the Senate, had earlier called for Jeff Sessions to resign, something the Attorney General has stopped short of doing.
Dublin forward insists it was his decision to depart panel ahead of 2017 season
Paul Ryan chose to leave the inter-county hurling scene on his own.
24 hours after the weekend from hell, Donald Trump is in big trouble in the polls
Meanwhile, the most prominent Republican in Congress, Paul Ryan, has said he can no longer continue to defend Trump.
Trump comments called "racist" by senior Republican politician
House Speaker Paul Ryan still said that he is still backing Trump for the presidency, however.
After a big delay, the Republican party's most senior politician is backing Trump
Paul Ryan had earlier said that he was “just not ready” to support Trump.
The most senior Republican of them all won't endorse Donald Trump
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the second most powerful politician in the US, says he is “not ready” to endorse Trump.
Are Dublin in danger of returning to hurling's abyss?
Ger Cunningham has plenty to ponder after O’Connor Park setback.
'Could Brian Gavin be in any worse position? He doesn't need to be there'
Donal Óg Cusack has had his say on referee Brian Gavin.
'Get rid of the goalie hurl' - Dublin star Paul Ryan's answer to penalty debate
Sky Blue sharpshooter says that goalkeeper hurleys shouldn’t be used for taking penalties
Security guard 'took notion' to tie up Hodges Figgis manager and rob €22,000
The man pleaded guilty to the crime yesterday.
Edna strikes again: US politician Paul Ryan misspells Taoiseach's name in tweet
Former US vice presidential nominee repeats mistake made by the New York Times in 2011.
Dubs hurler Ryan not buying into 'stupid' All-Ireland double talk
The Ballyboden St Enda’s club man is staying focused ahead of Sunday week’s battle with Cork.
Limerick boss Allen not entering debate over legitimacy of league final loss
It has emerged that Dublin unknowingly fielded an illegal player in their recent league final.
We'll see about that and in/out referendum: The week in quotes
“A terrorist shouted ‘open the door!’ with a strong North American accent, and opened fire. Two other Japanese died then and we found four other Japanese bodies.”
In Pics: Dublin take on the Blue Stars in football and hurling challenge
The hurlers put on an exhibition but Jim Gavin’s side went to the wire.
18 people you (probably) hadn’t heard of this time last year
In fact, you might not still know some of them – or at least not know their names.
Paul Ryan to remain as chair of House Budget committee
The defeated vice-presidential nominee intends to stay on as the Republicans’ leading fiscal spokesman.
In 99 PHOTOS: the 2012 US Presidential Election
The 99 pictures that tell the story of the US Presidential Election campaign of 2012.
Obama v Romney: Who’s better at holding babies?
It’s time to get down to what really matters in this election.
Romney hits the road while Obama closes ranks ahead of second debate
Mitt Romney’s going to Ohio, Virginia and Iowa with a spring in his step; Barack Obama’s busy practising his lines.
US 2012: If you missed the debate, this is the only moment you have to see
US Vice President Joe Biden and his Republican opponent Paul Ryan went head-to-head during last night’s vice presidential debate.
US 2012: Biden and Ryan go head to head during 'combative' debate
Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan went head-to-head last night – but who came out best?
He's her man: First Lady praises husband Barack Obama during prime-time speech
The self-described “mom in chief” didn’t play dirty, not mentioning rival Mitt Romney once. Others at the DNC weren’t so kind.
Ryan launches "scathing attack" on Obama's economic record
Last night at the Republican Convention Ryan held up Mitt Romney as “the man for the job” of next US President.
Videos: 5 classic moments from Republican National Conventions
The Republican National Convention gets under way in Tampa, Florida this week as Mitt Romney accepts the party’s nomination for the presidency. Here’s how previous conventions have unfolded…
Mitt Romney says he paid 13 per cent tax rate
The average effective federal tax rate for American taxpayers is 11 per cent.
Obama: Paul Ryan is the "ideological leader" of Republicans
Speaking about Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick for the first time, Obama praised Ryan as a decent family man.
So was US vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan popular in school?
Let’s see what it says in his yearbook.
Blood, books, bombs and boxing: The week in numbers
Another batch of numbers to help digest the stories of the last seven days.