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March 2023
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Slovakia joins Poland in donating jets to Ukraine
Providing Ukraine with fighter jets has been seen as a controversial move even among the country’s allies.
Poland to become first Nato member to send fighter jets to Ukraine
Ukraine has repeatedly asked its Western allies to send warplanes but so far no countries had committed to give jets to Kyiv.
This year
# Warsaw
'Kyiv stands strong': Biden addresses crowds in Poland ahead of first anniversary of Ukraine invasion
Biden told crowds in Warsaw that US support for Ukraine ‘will not waver’.
# Extradition
Gardaí extradite four men to Poland who 'posed a risk to communities in Ireland'
The men are all aged in their 40s and had previously been arrested on foot of a European Arrest Warrant issued by Polish authorities.
# next chapter
Santos finds new manager job one month after quitting as Portugal boss
The 68-year-old succeeds Czeslaw Michniewicz as Poland coach, who was sacked after their World Cup elimination.
# Ukraine
EU agrees extra €500 million military aid for Ukraine as Germany under pressure over tanks
Berlin, which needs to grant permission for the tanks to be sent to Ukraine, has come under fire for failing to take the critical decision.
Last year
# Poland
Polish police chief injured after grenade launcher gifted from Ukraine explodes
Jaroslaw Szymczyk said he was moving the used grenade launchers when the explosion happened.
# Beep beep
'How to defend against Mbappe? I think we'd need to have scooters'
Poland primed to face France as manager Czeslaw Michniewicz eyes World Cup glory.
# Evolution
Messi's mixed night a good sign for Argentina in win over dismal Poland
Messi missed a penalty but his side topped their World Cup group with a 2-0 win.
# Winner winner
Lewandowski scores first World Cup goal of his career as Poland overcome Saudi Arabia
Piotr Zielinski was also on target for the winners.
# Poland
NATO believes deadly blast at Poland border was an 'accident'
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, however, said Kyiv had seen no proof the missile was Ukrainian.
Poland puts military on heightened readiness over reports Russian missiles land on its territory
Moscow’s defence minister has dismissed reports that Russian missles had landed in Poland.
# Group by Group Guide
Group C Preview: Last-chance saloon for Messi and Lewandowski, Mexico out to end bizarre streak
Next in our preview series is Group C, featuring Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Poland.
# Anna Sochanska
Polish ambassador: Russian atrocities in Ukraine 'made me want to take up a gun and go fight'
Anna Sochańska has been the diplomatic representative in Ireland for the government of Poland since 2019.
# Persona non Grata
Roger Waters concerts scrapped in Poland over Ukraine row
Waters wrote an open letter earlier this month saying the West should stop providing arms to Ukraine.
# Reparations
Poland asks Germany for war reparations of €1.3 trillion
Germany invaded Poland in 1939.
# Nice Gesture
Everton fan who helped Ukrainian refugees scores penalty in pre-season friendly
The Toffees brought on Paul Stratton towards the end of the ‘match for peace’ against Dynamo Kiev.
# Backsliding
Why is the EC releasing funds to Hungary and Poland in face of democracy threat?
Both countries have strongly denied allegations of corruption and judiciary interference, despite rulings from the ECJ and proceedings by EC.
# medical mission
Ireland has evacuated a total of 13 patients, including five injured soldiers, from Ukraine
So far 13 people, including five soldiers, have been brought to Ireland for medical treatment from Ukraine.
# anti-war protest
Russian ambassador to Poland splattered with red liquid on Victory Day
Sergei Andreev said that he was not seriously harmed in the attack, adding that the red substance was some sort of syrup.
# russian ambassador
Russian ambassador to Poland hit with red paint by protesters
Sergey Andreev was ambushed by activists as he arrived at the Soviet soldiers’ cemetery in Warsaw.
# the explainer
The Explainer: What is the situation like for people fleeing Ukraine now?
Listen to hear what reporter Céimin Burke saw while reporting from the Polish-Ukrainian border last week.
# Flying Off
Ryanair complains to European Commission over Polish decision to reduce flights in capital
Up to 80% of air traffic controllers in the Warsaw region have threatened to walk out due to a conflict over wages and safety.
# Pniowek
Four dead, seven missing in Polish coal mine accident
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is to travel to the area.
‘I have to go back’: Polish city remains a major hub for Ukrainians fleeing war (and going home)
A report by
Céimin Burke
Volunteers from all over the world are helping the city to handle the crisis.
Przemyśl became a hub for Ukrainian refugees as soon as the war broke out.
The city has adapted its operations to deal with a new phase of the crisis.
Volunteers from all over the world are helping the city cope with the influx of people.
# Medyka
Over 50 days in, things have changed at the main border crossing between Poland and Ukraine
There are now almost as many people returning to Ukraine as there are people fleeing from it, reports Céimin Burke at the Poland-Ukraine border.
There are now large numbers of people returning to Ukraine as well as leaving it
Security is much tighter, with more organisations rather than individuals on the ground
The traffic at the border stretches out of sight filling three lanes, reports Céimin Burke from the border
'Powerful' strikes on Lviv kill seven people as Russia tries to seize full control of Mariupol
'We couldn't imagine how the world let this happen': Nadia's journey from Bucha to Ireland
# 2010 disaster
2010 Smolensk air crash due to onboard explosions, Polish probe says
Poland’s then-president and 95 other people died in the 2010 crash.
# Qatar Bound
Fernandes stars for Portugal and Lewandowski strikes for Poland as World Cup spots booked
North Macedonia and Sweden bowed out.
# Ukraine
Joe Biden to visit town near Poland-Ukraine border in show of solidarity
Air Force One will jet into the eastern Polish town of Rzeszow.
# Simon Coveney
Coveney praises Poland's 'incredible solidarity' during visit to discuss Ukraine
Coveney will meet his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau and speak to humanitarian organisations assisting those fleeing the war.
# Ukraine
Polish, Czech and Slovenian prime ministers meet Zelenskyy in Kyiv
This is the first visit by foreign leaders to Ukraine’s besieged capital since the invasion began.
# On The Border
Measures being taken at the Polish/Ukrainian border to prevent trafficking of refugees
Reporter Niall O’Connor has been reporting from the Polish/Ukraine border for The Journal.
# Humanitarian Crisis
At the border: 'People should stop sending us summer clothes. We need food and things for babies'
Niall O’Connor reports from the Polish/Ukraine border.
# civilians flee conflict
Medics and aid workers bracing for influx of worst affected refugees from Ukraine
Reporter Niall O’Connor is reporting from the Polish/Ukraine border at Medyka.
# ukraine border
How the mid-size Polish town of Przemysl has been transformed into a transport hub for refugees
The Journal’s Niall O’Connor is reporting on the growing refugee crisis from the Ukraine-Polish border.
# Przemysl
Przemyśl, the Ukraine/Poland border town where tens of thousands of refugees cross daily
The Journal’s Niall O’Connor will be reporting from the Polish border and in the frontier town of Przemysl.
# Explainer
Why did the US reject Poland's offer of Soviet-era fighter jets?
Security analyst Dr Tom Clonan said the West giving Ukraine fighter jets is much more “provocative” than anti-tank missiles.
# border posts
People of colour report racism and discrimination while trying to flee Ukraine
“We’ve been sleeping here, on this pavement,” one student said.
# Refugees
‘I walked to Poland’: Thousands embark on ‘harrowing’ 43-mile walk to border
Manny Marotta described the ‘brutal’ 20-hour journey, seeing toddlers ‘dragged out of bed’ and Ukrainian men being conscripted to fight ‘on the spot’.
# Art
Rubens’ ‘Portrait of a Lady’ to go up for auction in Warsaw
The painting – owned by a British citizen – will go up for auction in Poland on 17 March.