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Irish fans have turned out in big numbers during past major tournaments.
Irish fans have turned out in big numbers during past major tournaments.

Poll: Will you be going to Poland and Ukraine this summer?

Ireland have secured their passage to the upcoming Euro 2012 finals. Will you be there too?
Nov 17th 2011, 9:15 AM 2,481 25

AFTER TEN YEARS, the wait is finally over.

So now that Ireland have finally qualified for Euro 2012, it’ll be interesting to see whether fans can match the sheer passion they showed in previous tournaments.

The cost of travelling to follow the team has been estimated at being between €1500-2000 at a minimum.

Will fans be put off by these exorbitant figures? It’s unlikely.

They showed admirable commitment to the side by following them in large numbers all the way to Korea and Japan in 2002.

Moreover, anyone who argues that the strong numbers travelling will not be repeated on this occasion, as they took place during the Celtic Tiger era, is ignoring the fact that during our previous three tournaments – in 1988, 1990 and to a lesser degree 1994 – the country was far from financially healthy.

However, times are arguably tougher than ever at the moment.

Therefore, the prospect of an overwhelming contingent of Irish supporters congregating in Poland and Ukraine next summer is by no means a foregone conclusion.

So with all this in mind, we’re asking will you be travelling to Poland and Ukraine next summer?

Poll Results:

Possibly, I'm considering it. (252)
No, as I don't have the funds. (181)
Yes, I'll definitely be there to support the team. (176)
Only if I win the lotto. (172)
Other (97)
No, as I don't like watching their negative style of play (83)

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