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# on the run
German zoo finds missing lions, tigers and jaguar hiding in their enclosures
A bear which had broken free from its enclosure was however shot dead.
# United Kingdom
Labour shadow minister resigns over British Pakistani rape article
The article was written following the conviction of 17 men in Newcastle who forced young girls to have sex.
# Yes Please
Adidas celebrate Beckham's birthday by re-releasing beautiful Predator boots
About time too.
# Artificial Intelligence
Researchers in Cork develop technology that will identify child sexual abuse images online
Current systems mean specialists have to view “traumatic and distressing” material.
# predators
Suggestion pine martens will attack young children 'alarmist and irresponsible'
Farmers have raised concerns about the growing population of these small mammals in Ireland.
# classics
End of an era! Adidas are binning Predator boots 21 years on
f50, 11Pro and Nitrocharge have all got the bullet too.
# Have your say
Should football follow ice hockey's example by naming and shaming divers?
The NHL in America has brought in new anti-diving legislation in an attempt to address the issue.
# old school
Adidas go back to basics with new all-black Predators
The future of boots is a blast from the past.
# you better prey
Gutsy chipmunk attacks cat, avoids becoming dinner
The hunter became the hunted.
# listen up
Hard of herring? Not us, say crabs
Scientists have found crabs have an inner ear that helps them to hear nearby predators.
Humans aren't the top predators. Sorry.
We have more in common with omnivores, like anchovies and pigs, than top carnivores.
# Australia
Snakes, sharks and crocs: the hidden dangers of the Oz floods
High water is flushing out deadly predators even though the floods appear to have peaked in Australia.