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Comment #2159662 by Séamus Kealey

Séamus Kealey Feb 23rd 2014, 10:35 PM #

Steven thanks for another positive article, maybe some of the critics here don’t appreciate the significance of these stories. Maybe because they never experienced what it was like to receive hostility from others in their sport because of who they loved or because of their sexual orientation…or maybe when they talked about their partners or what they did together or their wedding plans no one exclaimed ‘we’re taking this straight thing way too far’…or because they never had a reason to hide away and ‘secret keep’ for part of their life or had to suppress a significant part of who they are…or because they didn’t have to ‘come out’. Attitudes in the world of sport are changing slowly but surely and that’s why these stories are important. Still a long way to go looking at some of the comments on this string. If you feel uncomfortable with a few stories that highlight inclusion or homophobia then this says more about you. It’s not a matter of ‘normalising’ it as someone mentioned, it’s just a matter of inclusion.

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Jason Collins becomes the first openly gay active player in the NBA

Jason Collins becomes the first openly gay active player in the NBA

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