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'No better feeling for Hannah to win Player of the Match when she was supposed to get married'
Adam Griggs pays tribute to the Ireland out-half who impressed against Wales after her nuptials were postponed.
'I wish Dad could have met him, but he would have been really happy' - getting engaged during lockdown
Irish professional golfer Stephanie Meadow speaks to The42 after getting engaged to her boyfriend Kyle.
Men, please don't propose to your girlfriend if it involves stealing the limelight from her
‘It’s time we call a halt to this worrying trend of straight men proposing to their girlfriends at inopportune times.’
Once loathed by Chicago, infamous fan Bartman has been given a World Series ring by the Cubs
Once blamed for the Cubs’ 2003 play-off collapse, the world series champions have attempted to bring closure to the ugly incident.
This woman's powerful status about her engagement ring being called 'pathetic' is going viral
“It isn’t the ring that matters, it is the love that goes into buying one that is.”
This 2-year-old boy helped his Dad propose to his Mam, and it was flawless
Well played, little man.
Burger King has introduced the 'chicken ring' and they need to come to Ireland
A combination of onion ring and chicken fry.
The second largest diamond in history has just been recovered...
… and it’s absolutely enormous.
Ronan Keating got engaged! He announced it by tweeting Hello magazine
2015, everybody!
This turtle is definitely dancing to Beyoncé in the shower
100% shaking that ass.
Couple in 1D crowd entertain Croker with their amazing dance moves
All eyes off the stage please.
Wuh uh oh... The internet has finally mashed Beyonce's Single Ladies with Cristiano Ronaldo's brilliant celebration
‘A man that makes me, then takes me, and delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and BEYONNNNNNND!’
You can now get married at seven heritage sites in Ireland (including the Blasket Islands)
Ceide Fields, anyone?
12 of the most irritating things engaged people say
What is it about getting engaged that turns perfectly reasonable people into a total nightmare?
Smart ring sends you phone updates to your finger
The Smarty Ring lets you control your phone and receive updates on your finger.
Wozniacki ring fuels McIlroy engagement rumours
Some in the Australian press are speculating on Wozilroy’s relationship status today.