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# latte levy
Majority of Irish people don't support a ban on recyclable coffee cups, survey finds
A so-called latte levy is being considered by the Government.
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# Hospitality
'We've had 3,400 cancellations in 3 weeks': Restaurants say Christmas trade has been 'decimated'
Businesses have called for cuts to the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme to be reversed amid mass cancellations over Covid fears.
# Indoor dining
Hospitality reps ask for plan on lifting all Covid restrictions, including curfews
CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland Adrian Cummins has called for the limit on closing times to end from September onwards.
# Indoor dining
People will have to 'buy into' compliance with new indoor dining rules, Taoiseach says
Opposition parties will also be briefed on the plans, which they have described as discriminatory.
# 28 days later
Requirement to keep food details designed to 'crack down' on misbehaving pubs, Varadkar says
Minister Simon Harris said the government doesn’t care “whether you went for the banoffee”.
# restaurants
Reports of 'no show' bookings over past week 'incredibly disheartening', says Restaurants Association
Many restaurants, cafés and pubs have been operating at lower capacity than usual since reopening.
# recovery plan
Lobby group seeks government help to save 90% of restaurants from permanent closure
The RAI has put forward a plan to help the sector recover and retain 120,000 jobs.
# sandwich boards
Restaurant owners claim sandwich board ban is not working and unfairly targeting their sector
New figures show just one licence has been issued since its introduction four months ago.
# Takeaways
'Frustrating' regulations affecting ethnic restaurants as work permit crackdown continues
A backlog in applications also means the current processing time for standard work permit applications is 13 weeks.
Consumer watchdog investigating restaurant body over 'no-show' diners campaign
The CCPC said it had launched a civil competition law investigation into the conduct of the RAI.
# Your Say
Poll: Should restaurants bring in penalties for ‘no-shows’?
A restaurant industry campaign to levy a deposit charge on customers who book tables and then fail to show up was recently shut down by the CCPC.
# Rugby Academy
'A guy doesn't get picked because he's too small. He might just be a late developer'
The new Rugby Academy Ireland is looking to give rugby players another route into the professional game.
# Serie A
Italian TV station apologises following Juventus star's racial insult claims
Juventus have also released a statement.
# what's for dinner
Can you tell what this is? A peek at the menu, at the best restaurant in Ireland...
Main courses that look like desserts, desserts that look like alien spacecraft… Check these out.
# restaurant association of ireland
Authorities 'should offer compensation to restaurants' over water restrictions
The Restaurants Association of Ireland said that the restrictions are causing a loss to the restaurant industry of €400,000 per day.
# Budget 2014
Noonan: VAT rate for restaurants likely to rise
The Finance Minister said the reduction of the 13.5 per cent rate for the hospitality sector had always been a short-term “pump priming” measure.
# Off the menu
One restaurant closing every day: RAI
The group says that 80 per cent of restaurants are running at a loss with a potential coat of €700m to the economy.