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Retrospective: Jamie Redknapp's adventures in punditry

The pundit will literally [sic] be all over tomorrow’s Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United, so what sort of penetrating analysis can we expect?
Oct 14th 2011, 4:51 PM 1,221 2

AS SON TO wheeler-dealer management maestro Harry, cousin to Saint Frank of Lampard and one half of the media construct that is Jamie and Louise, Redknapp the Younger is less an ex-footballer than he is a modern day renaissance man.

But where the giants of the past, like Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, were content to waste their time doodling and fecking around with kites, Jamie– snug in his tight, tight trousers– is content to dispense a unique brand of insight for little more than the cost of Sky Sports subscription.

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