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Reports into women's rugby will not be publicly published, confirms IRFU CEO
Philip Browne believes the club game needs serious attention.
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IRFU in talks with Nucifora for new deal but refuse to comment on Eddy's position
The union’s CEO Philip Brown said he didn’t want to provide a distraction for the Ireland team.
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'There's no overnight fix for this. We've got to make the game attractive'
IRFU director of women’s and 7s rugby Anthony Eddy spoke to the media yesterday.
# Domestic Violence
'It's so insidious': Ireland must follow UK and US and review domestic murders, experts say
The comments come after Daniel Murtagh was found guilty of Nadine Lott’s murder earlier this week.
# WildMountainThyme
The US reviews of Wild Mountain Thyme say it's 'demented' and 'nonsense'
One review said it couldn’t be a broader caricature of Irish culture if it were directed by a pint of Guinness.
# cars of the year
Cars Of The Year: The 16 best cars we drove in 2017 motoring correspondents Melanie May and Dave Humphreys look back at their 2017 in test drives.
# Sexual Assault
TripAdvisor now issuing warning badges to hotels where sexual assaults are reported
This follows an investigation into reports made against a hotel in Mexico.
# What Happened
Hundreds of one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's book removed from Amazon
It’s believed many of the reviews were posted by people who hadn’t read the book, in a deliberate bid to lower its rating.
# Shop Till You Drop
Want to get a bargain in the January sales? Don't jump in headfirst
Just because something you like is on sale doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth getting.
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This author's one-sentence novel is the best Irish book of 2016
It has been a massive year for Mike McCormack, and his publishers Tramp Press.
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Reviews of Ghostbusters are flowing in - how is the internet handling the fact that they're not that bad?
The reboot of the 80s comedy has hitherto attracted truly titanic levels of opprobrium online – mostly it seems for featuring an all-female cast.
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11 priceless tourist reviews of The Spire in Dublin
“I actually walked straight passed it as I was looking on my phone”
# critics' choice
11 of the best Irish spice bag reviews ever written
# one star
A woman has been writing Yelp reviews of her old dates with brilliant results
But she’s in a bit of trouble now.
# mad for it
17 reviews of regional Irish nightclubs that prove they are wild and wonderful
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A prankster went around IKEA sticking up fake reviews and they were perfect
If you came across these, you would probably applaud.
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10 of the harshest Trip Advisor reviews of all time
“The Pyramids? Just blocks on top of blocks.”
# Poignant
This is the most devastating Yelp review of all-time
A haunting tale.
# is this it?
13 depressing reviews of Ireland's most famous landmarks
We’re doing tourism all wrong.
# everyone's a critic
11 very Irish restaurant and takeaway reviews
“Garlic dip was muck.”
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8 reviews of the Apple Watch laden with romance
It’s coming soon, and some people can’t control themselves.
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The reviews of James Corden's US TV debut are in
Not THAT Late Late Show.
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The reviews for Mortdecai are in and they are, ahem, mortdifying
“Psychotically unfunny”.
Opinion: The secret to managing a stress-free employee review
January is the time of year when most employees have a performance appraisal with their manager – but what are the benefits and potential pitfalls facing the employer?
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16 of the stupidest Amazon movie reviews ever written
:| …. via @AmznMovieRevws.
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7 preposterous revelations from the iPhone 6 reviews
We have officially lost the run of ourselves.
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Stopping of medical card reviews welcomed but government warned "We need a big fix not a quick fix"
The IMO says cards which have been withdrawn should be returned.
# all hail flappy
8 Flappy Bird reviews that prove the game needs to be destroyed
It’s too late for these people. Save yourself.
# fair dues
This is the greatest Fair City review you'll ever read
It’s Ireland’s ‘answer to the Wire’, apparently.
# amazonia
22 brilliantly sarcastic reviews of Amazon products
From the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt to the Yodelling Pickle.
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Neil Young, Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi... who won the weekend?
We have devised a rock ‘n’ roll battle to determine the victor.
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The internet's ugliest shoes prompt amusing reviews
They are really quite something.
# review the reviews
13 pieces of evidence that Amazon reviewers are better than all of us
Could it be home to some of the world’s best creative writing?
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Getting back out on the road? Here's some of the best running apps to use for your new year fitness kick
Computer says yes.
# absolut fringe
Nutshell review: Elevator
Every day, brings you reader-generated reviews of the hottest tickets at the ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2012.
# Catholic Church
Child protection reviews reveal 378 abuse allegations about 146 individuals
There was a higher incidence of abuse amongst those in religious orders and the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church of Ireland said this is worthy of further consideration.
# Amazon
Nine of the most bizarre Amazon reviews
Wacky, weird, and downright wonderful.
# Abuse
Bishops told seven more abuse reviews will be complete by June
The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church are due to release reports into a further seven dioceses by mid-summer 2012.
# tripadvisor
TripAdvisor defends reader reviews following warning by watchdog
The website has responded to criticisms about its “real travellers’” reviews section – saying that its users made “educated decision” based on reviews.
# fringe
Nutshell review: Pop Centre Plus - Frisky & Mannish
Every day, brings you reader-generated reviews of the hottest tickets at the ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2011.