INPHO/Lorraine O'Sullivan Sadlier believes Ireland won't qualify for the 2014 World Cup.
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Richie Sadlier: 'I can't take anyone seriously who thinks Suarez should remain at Liverpool'
The RTÉ pundit is also pessimistic about Ireland’s chances of World Cup qualification.

RTÉ PUNDIT RICHIE Sadlier believes Luis Suarez is right to seek a move away from Liverpool, but questioned the wisdom of the Uruguayan international speaking so publicly about his unhappiness.

Speaking to, he said that neutral fans recognise why Suarez wants to leave.

“I can’t take anyone seriously who thinks that Suarez should remain at Liverpool,” he said “If you’re worth 40 or 50 million and clubs in the Champions League want you, why would you stay in that Liverpool squad now.

“[That argument] would only come from Liverpool fans who are not objective.”

Nevertheless, Sadlier believes Suarez may end up regretting expressing his desire to leave in an interview with The Guardian.

“I don’t know what material difference it would make to the situation, because the Liverpool directors and the manager have a stance.

“I don’t think it changes because the fact that Suarez does an interview. Whether he’s trying to get the public behind him or get people to understand… but it doesn’t at all.

“That’s why you remain silent – because when the transfer deadline passes, you say ‘there was a lot of soul searching, I sat down with my family and advisors, and it’s in the past now. That’s easier to say when you’ve been quiet during the transfer period.”

He added: “I think he’ll leave – there’s absolutely no way he can stay after what he said.”

Meanwhile, asked about the Irish football team’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup next June, the former Millwall man was less than optimistic.

“In September if we have a bad week, it’s the end of the qualifying campaign. It’s going to be a very difficult week.

“At the start, with the manager in charge, I thought we’d struggle to finish second and I still think that’s the case.”

He also spoke about his “enjoyable” new role contributing to the Second Captains podcast, and paid tribute to those involved.

“It’s a different set, we’re in a different room but the experience is pretty much the same. You just go in, have a rough idea of what you speak about beforehand.

“I have a huge amount of time for the lads and how they go about their job. I think they’re excellent at what they do. Whatever they put their hand to, they’ll be huge successes.”

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