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Weed killer company to pay €5,000 to charity over pollution in River Tolka
An inspector said the firm discharged 5,000 times the limit of glyphosate that should be in groundwater.
# River Tolka
Blocked sewer suspected to have caused 'major' fish kill along 5km stretch of river in north Dublin
A local councillor has called on Irish Water to explain how it will protect the river.
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'An absolute disaster': Hundreds of fish killed in River Tolka after someone put car tyre into sewer
The blockage led to a manhole cover overflowing and sewage being discharged into the River Tolka.
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A 'forgotten' river of Dublin is being paid tribute to this week
Here’s your chance to get to know the river better – in a pretty unusual way.
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'Definite line of inquiry' being followed into source of Tolka pollution
A temporary barrier placed on the river to prevent the pollution spreading has been removed.