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# scary stuff
Why a mysterious black briefcase follows the US president everywhere
It is always within Obama’s reach.
# scary stuff
Mountain biker gets robbed at gunpoint - and films it all on his GoPro
Three men have been arrested after the footage came to light.
# scary stuff
What a high-speed crash looks like from inside a rally car (video)
Everyone was fine after this incident – but only just.
# Scary
13 things that shouldn't be scary... but really, really are
Boo. Scared?
# scary stuff
Tell us: What was your greatest ever Halloween costume?
We’re looking for your best rig-outs down the years. Halloween costume pride!
# scary stuff
9 totally inappropriate ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes
And one that is EXACTLY RIGHT.
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WATCH: roof collapses over kids' ice-rink
The roof began to creak as a group of Slovakian children warmed up for hockey, and took little time to fall through.