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# shade
Little Mix shut down a fan for suggesting that Perrie doesn't have the range to sing their songs
You come for the queens, you best not miss.
# shade
Everyone is living for Jessica Chastain rolling her eyes at the mention of Johnny Depp in an interview
The shade of it all.
# shade
Barack Obama has invited all these A-listers to the White House (and maybe had a dig at Trump)
They’ll all receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
# shade
Scholes: United don't want to end up celebrating fourth place every year like Arsenal
The former midfielder took a swipe at the Gunners last night.
# dad tweets
This politician's wife threw amazing shade at him on Twitter for his embarrassing Dad tweet
# shade
11 truly devastating online reviews
Because people need to vent in an entertaining way.
# shade
Zayn Malik called Calvin Harris a d***head in an epic Twitter feud last night
And it was very NSFW.
# shade wars
Zayn's just burned his ex-fiancé on Twitter and the internet is divided
Can’t we all just get along?
# shade
Katy Perry entered into the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj feud and the world lost it
This is blowing up into a shade battle of epic proportions.
# shade
Leo Varadkar got a dig in at Paul Murphy yesterday on Twitter
# piece of me
Iggy Azalea tried to blame Britney Spears for their song flopping, but Brit isn't having it
Bad move.
# rock stars
The Who just put Kanye West back in his box at Glastonbury
# Battle
Tesco and Lidl threw some mortifying shade at each other on Twitter
Warning: includes rap.
# shade
Carlsberg has just absolutely burned Protein World's 'beach body ready' ad
This is how you do it.
# kim kardashian's brows
A Cork woman excellently took down her crap date on last night's First Dates
Those BROWS.
# Paranoid Android
The rivalry between Apple and Android just got very, very real
# ruggedair
Aer Lingus and Ryanair's latest Twitter battle was inspired by Father Ted
In honour of the 20th anniversary, of course.
# ex grocery worker
This newspaper threw extreme shade at Calvin Harris
Superstar DJ? Not so fast.
# Burn
Fine Gael has been throwing serious shade at Gerry Adams on Twitter
Warning: It involves a book that may cause some readers to shudder.
# shade
12 deeply satisfying comebacks from celebrities to their trolls
Think before you tweet, people.
# Shot Down
Gay couple's amazing response to homophobic graffiti is going viral
Some aloe vera for that burn, stat.
# shade
Finally, Bono reveals why he never takes off his sunglasses
It’s a valid reason…
# shade
Samsung is throwing some excellent shade at Apple in their new TV ads
New ad accuses Apple’s iPhone 6 of copying the Samsung Galaxy.
# shade
J.K. Rowling threw some serious shade at this Dumbledore critic on Twitter
A perfect response to a homophobic comment.
# shade
Canada and Russia are throwing shade at each other on Twitter, and it's bizarre
So who won the Twitter war?