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These three lateral pillar bridge exercises are great for your core

These variations will work on the stability in your shoulders, torso and hips.
Jan 25th 2016, 11:51 AM 7,142 0

THE LATERAL PILLAR bridge or ‘side plank’, as it is sometimes referred to, is an excellent exercise for improving pillar strength.

Your pillar consists of your shoulders, torso and hips, this exercise helps improve stability in all three of these areas.

The obliques are often neglected in favour of the rectus abdominus due to the fact that the majority of people want six-pack abs.

If you are interested in improving your sports performance or reducing your risk of injury then you must include these in your training.

If you can hold a static lateral pillar bridge for 30 seconds without any break in form then you should progress to a more challenging variation.

Give these three variations a try in your next workout.

Lateral pillar bridge with row

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

Lateral pillar bridge with medicine ball

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

Lateral pillar bridge with abduction

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

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