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17 tweets that perfectly explain naggins to the rest of the world
“Sorry, what are naggins?”
Beware: This scam email is being sent to Electric Ireland customers
The phishing scam brings you to a fake payment page where you’re asked to enter in financial details.
This comedian made a 'booze suit' to sneak alcohol on a boat
Well done, lad.
Bundesliga goalkeeper successfully sabotages penalty kick with sneaky antics
Augsburg goalkeeper Marwin Hitz was guilty of some underhand tactics over the weekend.
Drug smugglers hide cocaine in 1,000 bags of rice for the poor
Traffickers planned to ship the rice to Brazil first, en route to Europe, but police derailed their plans.
US politicians may be unknowingly using paper with the names of dead Iraqi civilians on it
Matt Kenyon has been smuggling the special micro-printed paper into their stationery supplies…
Irish scientists find vultures to be a very crafty bunch
New research shows that vultures really live up to their reputation for scavenging.
Free under 6s GP care dubbed 'trojan horse' to change doctor conditions
The IMO said a new draft contract for the initiative would mean a significantly increased workload for doctors and would require additional resources.
VIDEO: Aaron Craft plays a cheeky inbound pass off unaware opponent's backside
The Ohio State point guard then scored an easily layup after his quick thinking.
12 of the best sporting 'cheats'... not that we condone that sort of stuff
We pay tribute to the sports stars that went against the spirit of the game to get the winning edge.
Texan snake discovered at St James's Gate
He’s been called JR, obviously.
Duffy: "There was nothing sneaky or dishonest about the way that the GAA dealt with this matter."
The GAA Director-General has reacted against the views expressed by Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney after yesterday’s All-Ireland qualifier.