Sports Film Of The Week: Roll Tide / War Eagle

Stay in tonight with one of the most intense rivalries amateur sport has to offer.

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Title: Roll Tide /War Eagle

Released: November 2011

The Plot:

In its simplest form, this is a film about obsession, and the lengths some people will go to to illustrate their contempt for a sporting rival .

The inter-Alabama college football rivalry between Alabama and Auburn University is one of the most intense in in the United States. So, against the backdrop of Cam Newton’s controversial spell at Auburn, director Martin Khodabakhshian attempts to give a balanced view of a partisan situation.

What the critics said:

“It’s hard to describe to an outsider how all-encompassing, how mind-blowingly intense, and at times how truly miserable it is to be a part of this rivalry – but this movie comes as close as it gets. If I ever need to choose one document to explain what it’s like to live in the state of Alabama, this movie would be it.” –

Random YouTube comment: “Everytime I see the date April 27, 2011 and the dark clouds moving I get chills down my whole body. I’ve been an Auburn fan my whole life, but I’m damn glad I have my ‘bama fans/friends. Without them we couldn’t make the greatest rivalry in ALL of sports… War Damn Tide” – Rebelmaniac44

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