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Stone Cold Steve Austin tells Wayne Rooney to 'embrace the baldness'

Bad News Barrett wants to team up with Preston’s Kevin Davies to take on the United striker at Wrestlemania.

IT ALL BEGAN when WWE wrestler Bad News Barrett accused Wayne Rooney of diving against Preston…

Rooney responded, and before long, the duo had jokingly arranged a tag-team match at Wrestlemania.

In an increasingly random situation, Preston striker Kevin Davies gave his thoughts.

And finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin weighed in after a random tweeter by the name of Rob had a go at Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant.

Rooney seemed to take the jibe well, quoting Stone Cold’s best-known catchphrase back at him.

So what do you think? Could you ever see Rooney taking on a one-off Mike Tyson-type role at Wrestlemania or another future event?

Source: WWE/YouTube

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