# Super Bowl XLIX

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# too commerical
A definitive ranking of the 11 best Super Bowl ads ever made
Frogs selling beer, cats selling IT solutions and old ladies complaining about beef shortages. All human life is captured at half-time of the NFL’s showpiece game.
Tom Brady is giving away his MVP truck to the unknown rookie who sealed the Super Bowl with an interception
“I would love to do that. I’m going to figure out how to make that work.”
# Coaches Film
Breaking down the play that won the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots
We break down the most important play of the Super Bowl
# Gronk
Rob Gronkowski reads 'A Gronking to Remember' erotic novel for Jimmy Kimmel
The season is over and Gronk is on the loose again.
# audacious
The story of two Irish fans sneaking into the Super Bowl is the best thing you'll read tonight
Richie Whelan and Paul McEvoy flew over without a ticket but that didn’t stop them getting in.
# Patriots Game
How newspapers in Seattle and New England reacted to the Super Bowl
There are some crackers in here.
# Xs and Os
Pete Carroll explains why the Seahawks ran what is being called the worst call in Super Bowl history
He ignored Beastmode at the vital time.
# SB49
Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24 for thrilling fourth Super Bowl win
It all kicked off in Arizona in a memorable finale to the championship showdown.
# SB49
Doug Baldwin's toilet touchdown celebration earns him a Super Bowl penalty
It’s a metaphor.
Relive Super Bowl XLIX play-by-play
We had the best of the action from the Super Bowl right here.
# SB49
Patriots and Seahawks tied at 14-14 at half-time in Super Bowl
An entertaining finish to the half saw the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks locked at 14-14 in the Super Bowl.
# TB12
How the Patriots pulled off the biggest steal in NFL Draft history and landed Tom Brady
Pretty good business.
# the basics
The42's basic guide to American football and the NFL
Will Super Bowl XLIX be your first American football experience? We’re here to help!
# Sleepless in Arizona
5 steps to staying awake for the Super Bowl and still being an active member of society on Monday
And, for once, it doesn’t involve a bucket of coffee.
# cats on tour
A tour of an NFL stadium was the perfect time for Jackie Tyrrell to show off his free-taking skills
The Kilkenny hurler surely impressed Brian Cody with this accuracy.
# The Redzone
Head, heart & the million little doubts that creep in between - The42's Super Bowl preview
This is one of the tougher Super Bowls in recent memory to call.
# Irish Football
Did you know you can play American football in Ireland after the Super Bowl is over?
Because gridiron is not just for our American cousins.
# listicle
THAT Friends episode and 6 more of the best American football moments from popular culture
Ahead of the Super Bowl, we look at some of the sport’s most memorable appearances in films, TV and books.
# Super Bowl XLIX
'If you're willing to stay up and watch, you better be ready to train': Jamie Heaslip is pumped for the Super Bowl
Ireland’s vice captain is predicting a close finale to the NFL season, but only wants one winner.
# Super Bowl XLIX
10 steps to throwing the perfect Super Bowl party
The whole NFL season has been building up to this Sunday night. So what better reason to have the gang around to yours.
# two-sport athlete
One of the players lining out in the Super Bowl was a lethal speedster in rugby sevens
Nate Ebner could have probably played international rugby if he wasn’t a New England Patriot.
# Super Bowl XLIX
Here's why Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch wears a Bane-type mask before games
It not only looks pretty intimidating but it stimulates training at high altitudes.
# Call it
Here's who our writers think will win the Super Bowl, do you agree?
The Seahawks or The Patriots?
# Terrible jumpers
'I still get people coming up to me and saying the show was the first time they saw the NFL'
We spoke to Myles Dungan about the NFL highlight show he used to present on RTÉ.
# Explainer
We asked 8 people who know nothing about the NFL to discuss the Super Bowl
And it went exactly as you’d expect.
# dark horse
Katy Perry delivered the perfect one-liner at her Super Bowl press conference
Marshawn Lynch would be proud.
# Eat Smart
Tom Brady's diet is so strict that he eats avocado-based ice cream as a treat
Those Super Bowl rings don’t win themselves.
# july please...
Conor McGregor talks rugby, the Super Bowl and a likely July date for Jose Aldo fight
The Dubliner was in Arizona before Sunday’s big game.
# Super Bowl XLIX
The Road to the Super Bowl - 6 key games in the Patriots' and Seahawks' seasons
How did the big two make it this far?
# Coaches Film
Breaking down the NFL: Marshawn Lynch shows why he's one of the league's best running backs
We take a closer look at the Seattle Seahawks star.
# Super Bowl XLIX
Marshawn Lynch has finally broken his silence ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl
The Seahawks’ running-back actually said something interesting today.
# SB49
Tom Brady is sick... but don't worry, he looked okay in training last night
The Patriots take on Seattle on Sunday night.
# Have your say
Patriots or Seahawks - who do you think is going to win Super Bowl XLIX?
The countdown is on to next Sunday’s showdown.
# Xs and Os
Coaches Film: Why Gronk will be the Patriots' not-so-secret weapon in the Super Bowl
He’s big, he’s bold and he’s a very easy redzone target.
# SB49
Super Bowl XLIX: Where are the best places to watch the game in Ireland?
We’ve found 20 parties around the country to attend this Sunday night.
# Prime Time
NFL to run unsettling domestic violence ad based on real 911 call during Super Bowl
It’s part of the NFL’s ‘No More’ campaign.
# Ultraviolet
Here's the powerful domestic abuse message one equality group is sending the NFL in Super Bowl week
Advocacy group Ultraviolet will run an ad protesting the NFL commissioner on
# packers pals
'Opponents' celebrate touchdown and JJ Watt refuses to slack off -- It's the Pro Bowl!
Nobody told JJ that this game is designed to make quarterbacks and receivers look good.
# air it out
The NFL acknowledged the 'Deflate-gate' investigation with a statement yesterday
The NFL confirmed they are investigating the New England Patriots use of under-inflated footballs.
# mouthing off
'I once got a rake and I killed a snowman': Bad lip reading in the NFL is back and it's still comedy genius
From singing QBs to Jason Witten’s driving and so much more.