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Warning signs ordered for pond in Dublin's Bushy Park after dog killed by swan
The dog was swimming in the duck pond near a group of swans and cygnets when it was attacked.
Sixth case of bird flu in Ireland found in whooper swan
The risk to humans is considered to be very low but the public is advised not to handle sick or dead birds.
Gardaí called out to remove swan from bridge in Dublin
“I was here when this was all water…”
These photos of an injured swan 'hugging' its hero are going viral
PHOTOS: Swan flies through woman's windscreen 'like a bomb'
“If I pulled out into the middle lane I’d have killed somebody and maybe killed myself.”
Hyper swan creates complete havoc on Heathrow runway
Run wild, run free.
Man risks attack from angry male swan to save cygnet
Everyone knows a swan can break your arm or kill a dog!
Mischievous swan holds up traffic on the Samuel Beckett Bridge
Not a bother on him.
Guy tries to take selfie with a swan, learns a painful lesson
Just bad manners.
The swans in Bray are also heading to the polls today
A local pub has set up ballot boxes on the beach after creating spoof swan election posters earlier this month.
Swan emergency over, Dublin Port Tunnel reopens to traffic
Everyone back to work…
11 poor souls who watched Black Swan with mams, dads and GRANNIES last night
The lesbian scene! THE LESBIAN SCENE!
Student social workers slam proposed graduate scheme as 'complete exploitation'
The Child and Family Agency said the proposal is at an early stage but it has made initial contact with unions to start developing the details.
Retained: Tommy Walsh named in Swans' starting line-up again
The Kerry native has held onto his place at half forward for Saturday’s clash with St Kilda.