# Target Practice

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19th November 2023 - 25th November 2023
The brilliant Clifford and Mannion scoring highlight reels from Sunday's club action
Clifford hit 0-12 in the Kerry intermediate final and Mannion bagged 0-5 in the Leinster senior semi-final.
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Robbie Keane's training involves kicking balls at his son in a moving vehicle
Watch the Ireland skipper have some fun after a session with LA Galaxy.
Garth Brooks darts and paint bucket cider coolers as Clones hosts Ulster final
The Farneymen know how to throw a pre-match party.
VIDEO: Hurling sharp-shooters have their aim tested with 5 tough targets
Harder than you think.
Frank Lampard better not do anything this good on Wednesday night
Lamps lobbed England team-mate Ben Foster from almost 50 yards in training earlier today.