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Five arrested over Anonymous attacks
UK police say they have arrested five men, aged between 15 and 26, in connection with the online activist group supporting WikiLeaks. Anonymous has also attacked Fine Gael’s site.
First Irish political party iPhone app launched
Social media election campaigning getting seriously underway as Labour’s election app hits iTunes.
Cloud computing could create 20,000 Irish jobs - Microsoft
A report compiled by Goodbody and commissioned by Microsoft says Ireland’s cloud computing base could be the ‘next IFSC’.
Lawyers ask Twitter to campaign for jailed Chinese user
A Chinese woman was sent to a Labour camp for retweeting a sarcastic anti-Japanese message – and lawyers want help.
Fine Gael website breach: party statement in full
The full text of the party’s statement on the “hacking crime” that saw the details of almost 2,000 people compromised.
Apple opens doors to new App Store for Mac
The new store – the equivalent of the iTunes store, but for Mac software – may help Apple make further dents in the PC market.
10 reasons why 3D TV just won't take off
Business Insider remains convinced that 3D TV is done for. Check out their reasons why…
Assange: I'm the victim of a smear campaign
The WikiLeaks founder says the sexual assault allegations against him are part of attempts to discredit him and his site.
'Secret' grand jury assembled for WikiLeaks trial
Julian Assange’s lawyer tells al-Jazeera that a grand jury in Virginia is considering criminal charges for WikiLeaks.
Amazon says site downtime not caused by ‘hacktivist’ group
The online retailer – which went down for 30 minutes last night – says its disruption was the cause of a technical fault.
4chan hackers abandon attacks on WikiLeaks 'opponents'
The Anonymous gathering of ‘hacktivists’ instead decide to spread WikiLeaks’ documents as much as is possible.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in UK
The controversial WikiLeaks editor will appear at a Magistrates court this afternoon in relation to sexual assault claims.
Chinese officials forced Google censorship after searching for themselves - WikiLeaks
China ramped up pressure on Google to censor its results after senior officials searched for their own names, a leaked cable says.
'Twitter joke trial' convict to appeal to High Court
Paul Chambers has opted to appeal his conviction for “menace”, after joking about bombing an English airport on Twitter.
Facebook will launch integrated email service on Monday
The next step in Facebook’s war for global domination: an integrated email product for every user.
Xbox Kinect already hacked
Hacker wins $3,000 prize after creating drivers for Microsoft’s motion detection device.
Third time unlucky: iPhone alarm bug strikes in America
The same bug that caused Irish iPhone owners to wake an hour late last week strikes for the third time – this time, in the US.
Revenue uses Google Earth to check up on tax evaders
Internet site could be very useful tool for Revenue Commissioners in their search for evidence of undeclared wealth.
Ireland awakens… an hour late, thanks to iPhone glitch
You got an extra hour in bed yesterday… and if you have an iPhone, you may have stolen another one.
Trial RTÉ digital TV service launched
Minister Eamon Ryan says digital switchover in 2012 could net Ireland €500m by allowing more mobile and broadband services.
You can have an iPhone 4 in any colour you want, as long as it's black
…because the white one is delayed again.
Russia's 'spam kingpin' goes missing - and junk falls 20% in a month
Emails selling ‘V1agra’ and ‘h0t w0m3n’ fall by 20% in a month after a leading professional spammer goes on the run.
Bill Gates' wife completely bans Apple products from home
Now THAT’S brand loyalty. Melinda Gates says there’s no room for anything Apple in the house – even an iPod.
Google shares skyrocket on back of massive revenue jump
Shares jump by almost 10% after the company announces a 32% increase in profits for the third quarter.
Facebook makes Skype, Bing deals
But will Microsoft’s latest social network integration put pressure on Google?
Facebook and Microsoft's Bing launch 'social search'
Users of Microsoft’s search engine will be given results including content their friends have ‘Liked’ on Facebook.
Church defection website suspends service over legal vagueness puts itself on hold because of “lack of clarity” over whether the church now acknowledges defections.
Google: supporter of odd inventions?
A self-driving car is just the latest in Google’s strange investments…
Microsoft unveils Windows 7 phones
Nine new smartphone devices will be launched later this month and early in November.
Google reveals latest innovation: cars that drive themselves
The company has been working on automated cars that pull data from Google Maps to drive where you want.
New smartphone utility shows properties owned by NAMA
‘NAMAland’ uses your iPhone or Android’s camera and GPS to show you if nearby property is publicly owned.
UAE and BlackBerry resolve security dispute
Research In Motion reaches an agreement with the Emirates to avoid having the handsets banned from the country.
Hacker collective uncovers 'blacklisted' Google Instant terms
Exploiting the new ‘Google Instant’, users discover search terms that Google deliberately keeps blank.
Microsoft to enter tablet race before Christmas
Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer says there’ll be tablets running Windows on sale by the end of 2010.
Irishman shows the world the dangers of Stuxnet
You might not have heard of Stuxnet – but after seeing this video you might get a little bit nervous about it.
Google unveils alternative image format for faster downloading
Forget JPEG, GIF or PNG: meet Google’s WebP format, which it says can make files lighter without losing detail.
Is this the device to beat the iPad?
Research In Motion, the manufacturers of the BlackBerry, launch the PlayBook: a business-focused tablet machine.
Facebook explains epic late-night outage
The 150-minute downtime was down to a process correcting an error, which threw up an error, which it tried to correct…
China may have been spying on Gmail accounts
Gmail users begin to see red banners on their pages warning them that IP addresses in China were attempting to log in.
Australian teen to blame for Twitter's JavaScript meltdown
A 17-year-old Australian whizkid was to blame for the ‘onMouseOver’ issues that plagued the microblogging site.