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The $1,000,000 golf shot

Would you fancy a shot at this spectacular 19th hole?
Jan 13th 2011, 11:30 AM 1,065 0

I’M SURE WE’VE all fantasized about winning a million euros, but if buying lottery tickets every week doesn’t excite you, you should consider a more expensive, and let’s face it – a much more ambitious way of winning one of those giant cheques.

In the Legend Golf & Safari Resort, in the Limpopo province of South Africa, there lies a par three golf hole which, if you landed in a single shot, would blag you a nice one million dollar cheque – or just over €765,000.

But there’s a catch. The ‘Extreme 19th’ is an extra hole added to the world renowned golf course in Limpopo, which was designed by a number of the world’s top golfers – including Pádraig Harrington, Colin Montgomerie, and Vijay Singh – and it is only the highest and longest par three in the world.

The tee-shot is situated almost 1,500 feet above the green, atop the Hanglip Mountain which overlooks the golf course. There’s no caddies here, a helicopter is the only method of transportation to the top, and costs any ambitious punters $200 to attempt – where you get six balls, each with a tracking chip to locate its landing.

There are four cameras situated throughout the drop to record and help locate the lie of the ball, and it takes the ball around 26 seconds before it lands on the ground.

The green and fairway, when seen from a height is in the shape of the continent of Africa, and the fairway is landscaped around 21m above the green to help direct the ball towards the hole.

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Only two golfers have scored birdies on the hole, but since its inception in April of last year, nobody has hit the jackpot hole-in-one.

Our own Pádraig Harrington was the first to score par on the hole, and actor Morgan Freeman is another who has putted in three shots.

Think you could have the lucky $1,000,000 golf shot in you? If I was you, I’d stick to the lottery tickets.

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