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Monaghan youngster McKenna spars pound-for-pound star Lomachenko ahead of new-year debut
The Smithborough stylist is expected to make his pro debut with Golden Boy Promotions early in the new year.
Let's take a second to ponder Niall Horan and Jamie Dornan's friendship
It’s guy love.
Trump and Putin to hold summit in Finland next month
Hawkish US envoy John Bolton was received in Moscow with top honours.
FYI, a rake of your Irish rugby faves are holidaying in Dubai together
Not jealous at all.
The trailer for Damo & Ivor The Movie has just landed, and there's a surprise in store for the lads
“There’s no money to be made in tomatoes.”
We never knew we needed a Domhnall Gleeson and Chris O'Dowd buddy comedy until right now
Domhnall thinks Chris is ‘amazing’.
16 photos comparing Enda Kenny's retirement to Barack Obama's
A couple of smooth players.
The photos of Idris Elba and Stormzy visiting a children's hospital dressed as Santa are just the best
2017 is saved.
Jamie Dornan, Shane Lowry, Ronan Keating and Paul O'Connell just hit the golf course together
Lads on tour.
Just 13 great tweets about boyfriends
What a momentous day.
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played doubles together and started the greatest bromance
You guuuuuuuys.
The Gogglebox Ireland crew watching 'Should I Marry My Cousin?' was the highlight of its return last night
“It’s like Blind Date: Cousins Edition”
The trailer for Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan and Nicole Kidman's new horror film is here and it's so creepy
13 observations for everyone who religiously watches At Your Service
Francis Baennan.
Ant and Dec were spotted on campus in Maynooth and it looked like serious craic
The lads!
17 observations we had after watching *that* Boyzone appearance on the Late Late in full
It gets better every time.
That photo of a dog and an auld lad in Offaly having a pint has been immortalised in a painting
The moment Colin Farrell bumped into Gary Oldman for the first time is adorable
The mutual admiration society.
Bill Clinton dropped in to say hello to Enda Kenny today
Clinton was also spotted shopping in Dublin’s city centre.
A complete history of David Beckham and Snoop Dogg’s unlikely friendship
Let’s celebrate ten years in the making.
The great story behind *that* photo of a dog and an auld lad having a Guinness
Meet Ollie and Oscar.
22 photos of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen guaranteed to make you smile
Old friends.
12 times Foil Arms and Hog perfectly skewered Irish people
They just get it so right.
These Irish sailors made the most joyous Christmas lip-sync video for charity
Go on the lads.
The Cavan twins watching Toddlers & Tiaras was the highlight of Gogglebox Ireland
And the rest of the cast went IN.
15 times Irish men proved they are pure sound
~Here come the lads~
17 times the Rubberbandits were just really f**king funny
U2 wrote a special song to bid farewell to TXFM this evening
And it was just played on air for the first time.
Those Roscommon lads actually found a replacement groom for this weekend's stag
“Have a few pints and head to Krakow with them.”
Are You Liam Or Noel Gallagher?
You can’t be both.
11 things that make Irish men utterly irresistible
Here comes the laaads.
These lads from Armagh got so confused over a stupidly simple question
“From right now, you’d be five years earlier”.
Adele brought the two Irish lads who covered her tunes on stage last night
Adele is the QUEEN.
Adele brought the two Irish lads who covered her tunes on stage last night
Adele is the QUEEN.
These Longford lads are going viral with their joyous jam session in a car
Why don’t you play the gaaaame.
14 struggles for people who grew up with only brothers
Boys will be boys.
15 tweets that wonderfully sum up what it is to be an Irish man
The glory of it all.
14 things Irish lads will never tell you
Well, until now.
11 things all Irish men should know by 25
Very important things, of course.
Introducing the vetrosexual man - the next step on from the metrosexual
Which Irish lads qualify though?