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Ah Jamie, you're not going out looking like that, are ya?
Ah Jamie, you're not going out looking like that, are ya?
Image: Billy Stickland/INPHO

Heaslip's hair and Roy goes into Labour: It’s the week in comments

You had your say again this week. You always do.
Jun 7th 2014, 9:30 AM 5,167 0

HERE ARE THE sharpest, wittiest, strangest and most memorable comments from you this week, dear readers. If they’re not sharp, witty, strange or memorable enough for you, you know who to blame!

As always, thank you for your contributions.

After Brian O’Driscoll hung up his rugby boots — and before he dipped his toe into radio waters — Aidan Doyle had a proposal:

“Now that Mr O’Driscoll is available, I really need someone to paint the outside of my house. It’ll save me the hassle (I hate painting) and make my good wife very very happy. Could u imagine the brownie points I could earn from this. Anyone got his number?”

Roy Keane started the week by turning down Celtic, and then was linked to Aston Villa. Pat Mangan knows how this story ends:

“Has he ruled himself out for Leader of the Labour Party yet?”

As the State Examinations began, we asked you for your memories of studying during a major football tournament. Frank Hanlon’s was one of our favourite responses:

“Did my Leaving in 1994 when Ireland were in [the] World Cup. Did my Leaving again in 1995…”

Junior Cert student David Scully had a plan for English Paper I:

“I’m doing my English Junior Cert tomorrow and I’m so excited I just might write an essay about Ireland winning the WC in 2018.
World Cup no.1
Exams no.2″

Christy Fagan keeps banging in the goals for St Pat’s — and David Kennedy is already planning the biopic:

“Cracking player and has definitely stepped up since Bisto left. Daniel Day Lewis to play him in the inevitable biopic. #MagicLeftFoot #WATRA”

Does Jamie Heaslip’s new haircut seem familiar? Adrian Costigan solved the mystery:

“Heaslip’s hairstyle is like one your Ma only lets you get right at the start of the summer holidays.”

Meanwhile, Jonny Sexton was photographed out in Buenos Aires wearing a hat (*gasp*). Lorem Ipsum couldn’t really see what all the fuss was about:

“‘Judge ye not the worth of a man by Heineken Cups, Lions caps or Six Nations titles, by the hat he weareth in that one picture that one time shall ye know him’ – Deuteronomy”

Katie Taylor fights for her sixth straight European Championship title today. Rocky Raccoon still doesn’t believe she can be classed as one of Ireland’s all-time greats:

“Daniel walk down to your local boxing club and see how many girls are boxing. The pool of people that do the sport is too small to call her one of our greatest athletes. If we had an Olympic medalist in archery would we all jump on that band wagon too?”

As Team Sky announced that Bradley Wiggins won’t ride the Tour de France, Eoru80 made an unusual observation:

“Wiggins looks as if he could be a dead ringer as Hector’s sister in that photo, with a cheeky seductive sasanach glint in his eye.”

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