# tumblr of the day

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Selfies at funerals now have their own dedicated Tumblr
What is the world coming to?
People playing the bass look like they're tickling dogs
They do in these pictures, anyway.
Muppets with human eyes will haunt your nightmares
They are terrifying.
Tumblr of the Day: Joffrey Bieber
Why didn’t we put Justin and Joffrey together before?
Tumblr of the Day: Actresses without teeth
What fresh hell is this?
How to improve any book in the world
Simply add this subtitle.
Tumblr of the Day: Mean Mad Men
Stop trying to make fetch happen.
Tumblr of the day: Girls Love Superheroes
And they’ve got the costumes to prove it.
This is literally the best thing we've ever seen, literally
Jim’ll paint anything you want. Anything.
Tumblr of the Day: Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food
The people you love to hate.
Presenting the 2013 Oscar nominees... as re-enacted by a toddler
Including an AMAZING Life of Pi tiger.
Tumblrs of the Day: You’ll find these images strangely soothing
For the organiser in you.
Tumblr of the Day: Mean Girls of Leinster House
Stop trying to make fetch happen.
Unsettling Tumblr of the Day: Actual Facebook Graph Searches
Well, this is weird.
Tumblr of the Day: Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls
Happy Friday.
Tumblr of the Day: Dogshaming
Forcing dogs to confess to their doggie crimes? It’s only fair.
Tumblr of the Day: Mo Farah Running Away From Things
So many things to run away from. Only one Mo Farah.
Olympic Tumblr of the Day: McKayla is Not Impressed
And nor should you be.
Infuriating Tumblr of the Day: Rich Kids Of Instagram
We have no words.