# Twitter fail?

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# Off The Grid
11 people who need to give up social media for Lent
It’s time.
# hello kitty world
UKIP politician asks his Twitter followers to 'play Hello Kitty World' with him
He blames his five-year-old daughter for the gaffe. A LIKELY STORY.
# meaty oaker
The 16 most unintentionally hilarious Twitter typos of 2014
Are you a sex attic?
# good morning america
A US TV show thought The Times of London was a 'local paper'
So The Times got sassy with them on Twitter.
# Hacked
Rita Ora says she got 'hacked', but was it just a huge Twitter fail?
Meanwhile, the world sniggers behind their hands.
# by george
George Galloway tried to tweet George Michael, and now everyone is joining in
# pain train
London Overground sends cheeky Twitter reply to man running late for work
It’s basically a lesson in how NOT to deal with angry people.
# Oversharing
13 people who shouldn't be allowed to share on social media
Oh dear.
# Handy guide
What not to do: 11 lessons we can all learn from athletes on Twitter
It’s a minefield out there, Tweeps. Here are some invaluable cautionary tales.
# tweet fail
New Bradford West MP Galloway hails election win... in Blackburn
A Twitter error from the controversial anti-war campaigner whose stunning electoral success has not been universally welcomed.
# Huhne Tweets
UK minister’s mysterious tweet: ‘I do not want my fingerprints on the story’
Chris Huhne’s department initially said his account was hacked but then said it was “not sure” of the circumstances of the cryptic tweet.