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Kamala Harris set to make history as first female US Vice President
Harris will also be the first black person to be elected to the position.
# Veep
Julia Louis-Dreyfus' enthusiasm during her Irish trip is such a joy
Selina Meyer is among us.
# Veep
'A very nice gesture': Mike Pence tells Leo Varadkar that his partner Matt would be welcome in his home
It is tradition during the St Patrick’s Day trip to Washington DC for the Taoiseach to have breakfast with the VP.
# Cancer
Veep and Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she has breast cancer
Hundreds of messages from well-wishers quickly poured in on Twitter.
# Kaine Unable
Trump's number two scores points as Vice-Presidential nominees square off
“The thought of Donald Trump as commander in chief scares us to death,” Kaine said.
# who are those guys?
The VP face-off: These two men clash tonight in the least-anticipated debate of the US campaign
So who are they, exactly? And what can we expect?
# Veep
Donald Trump got a bit of a doing at the Emmys last night
Host Jimmy Kimmel also pulled no punches, at one point referring to Trump’s wife Melania as ‘Malaria’.
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US Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Ireland next month
Here he will trace his ancestral roots.
Joe Biden tries to give girl kiss on the cheek, gets rejected
# Veep
Soccer nut Joe Biden and family went to awkwardly hang out in the USA dressing room last night
DaMarcus Beasley flat out refused to put his shirt on, and now the vice president owes him a drink for some reason.
# Emmys
The winners and the losers at the 2013 Emmys
It was all about Breaking Bad and Modern Family last night.
# Veep
So was US vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan popular in school?
Let’s see what it says in his yearbook.
# US 2012
Romney announces Irish-American congressman Ryan as VP pick
Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan, 42, led the Republican charge in last year’s talks on raising the US’s legal debt ceiling.
# Emmys
'Mad Men', 'Downton Abbey' lead way in Emmy nominations
Mad Men’s 17 nominations give it the possibility of becoming the most honoured TV drama of all time.