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No surprises from the Lions' 'washing machine' but a major step forward
The Crusaders were frustrated to get drawn into a kicking battle, but the Lions’ class showed.
'Where's this nutter going with the washing machine?' - a Waterford man and his unique climb of Kilimanjaro
Enda O’Doherty aims to climb 19,340 ft summit next month to raise awareness about mental health.
More Samsung woes as 'exploding' washing machine leaves customer with broken jaw
A number of injuries have been caused by “excessive vibration”.
Dad accused of killing son by putting him in washing machine
The father claims he has no memory of the crime.
Someone has finally snapped and told the truth about washing machines
“I simply want to wash my clothes”.
A woman shut a toddler in a washing machine for a 'laugh' and no one was impressed
Courtney Stewart said the toddler, who has Down’s syndrome, “loves the washing machine”.
The inspiring story behind a man carrying a washing machine around Ireland
Enda O’Doherty is the person underneath the five-stone domestic appliance.
Adorable toddler gets stuck in washing machine and has to be rescued
Laundry days are the worst.
Little boy rescued after getting stuck in washing machine
The tot crawled in to fetch a toy..
Weird Wide Web: Lego smartphones, superhuman vision and a Twitter cinema
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Naked man gets stuck in washing machine, has to be freed with olive oil
He compared the experience to ‘being born’.
The 16 stages of clothes washing rage
Smells, tissues, delays, breakdowns. So much rage.
Police in China probe deaths of two children in washing machine
The girls, aged four and two, were found by their father, curled up in the closed washing machine.
Man accused of killing son, 3, by shoving him into washing machine - and turning it on
Christophe Champenois, 33, is accused of forcing his son into a washing machine – and turning it on – over playschool misbehaviour.
WATCH: Rory McIlroy shows off his skills … as a nine-year-old
Want to see Rors chip a golf ball into a washing machine?