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Bradshaw clumsily falls over for the winning score
Bradshaw clumsily falls over for the winning score
Image: YouTube screen grab

WATCH: Giants try not to score Superbowl winning touchdown

Ahmad Bradshaw just couldn’t bring himself to not complete the score he’s always dreamed of.
Feb 6th 2012, 1:05 PM 929 1

EVEN THOUGH HE is wearing a Superbowl ring this morning, you’ve got to feel sorry for Ahmad Bradshaw.

Imagine; your whole life you’ve dreamt of playing football. The crescendo of that dream is scoring a touchdown to become ‘world champions’ – the crowd goes wild.

It’s a funny old game, though. When that moment finally arrived for the running back with a only a minute on the clock, he couldn’t enjoy it in the slightest. The New England Patriots had allowed him through on purpose.

It is the most counter-intuitive thing in the sport, to let the opponent score. But the Patriots needed the ball back and quick. The Giants wanted to ground the ball at the one-yard line to squeeze a little extra time off the clock and hope there would be no hitches on a late straightforward field goal.

The defence parted and Bradshaw later told Sports Illustrated; “I thought I heard Eli (Manning) yelling at me to fall down … I tried.”

Man he tried, but the internal struggle was won by the overwhelming urge to score rather than cyncially run the clock down.

A glance from his knee joint onto the turf would have made him look ice-cool under pressure.

But he just couldn’t force it down and he instead fell across the line in what must go down as the most awkward game-winning touchdown in the Superbowl’s 46 year history.

YouTube credit: nyg1532

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