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Man City awarded laughable penalty after Sterling loses balance in a yard of space
Even the Shakhtar players were laughing, albeit somewhat ruefully.
'A UFO?' - SpaceX rocket launch puzzles Californians as it streams into space
The launch in the setting sun created a billowing streak that was widely seen throughout the area.
A girl sent her boyfriend to buy makeup and his confused texts are going viral
“This kid is looking at me weird.”
Confused John Travolta from Pulp Fiction is now a hilarious new meme
We are all Confused John Travolta.
Tubridy's 'slightly odd' encounters with Patrick Guinness, Ryan O'Neal ... and Brendan O'Connor
What happens when an interview gets ever so slightly AWKWARD?
16 things about celebrities you will never be able to unsee
Never look at Robert Pattinson the same way ever again.
Cheryl Cole apparently has three legs, according to this mad photo
What. On. Earth.
Puzzled baby elephant tries to find human friend's trunk
This lack of facial appendage is most confusing.
'Dogs confused by magic trick' is the funniest thing you'll see today
Almost unbearably adorable.
Can anyone explain what's going on in this Japanese chewing gum ad?
Anyone? Bueller?
VIDEO: The luckiest 70-yard wonder goal you'll ever see
This is some fluke.
Have you seen the bizarre biscuit ad everyone's talking about?
If you like a lot of puppy on your biscuit…
This little girl met her father's identical twin and her reaction was priceless
Her little eyes!
Today FM’s Matt Cooper is in North Korea with Dennis Rodman
The journalist and broadcaster is writing a book about the Paddy Power-funded basketball game involving former NBA stars that will take place in Pyongyang on Wednesday.
You can now buy a potty with a built-in iPad for your toddler
It’s what the world never wanted, but always needed.
Watch David Blaine freak the hell out of Ricky Gervais with crazy magic trick
It is hard to get your head around, alright.
'We don't get fashion' Pics of the Day
There are no words.
15 people whose real ages will make you feel old
Hey you there! Granddad!
VIDEO: Giant crocodile head washes up on beach
It’s thought the huge animal may have been killed by an (even bigger?) shark.
So apparently making a bagel shape in your forehead is a 'thing' now
If you’re squeamish, and don’t like people getting saline injections to their forehead, better not click here.
GALLERY: Mean lamppost-related bike prank of the day
We don’t know how it was done, but either way, the owner of this bike in Dublin city centre will be walking home tonight…
Taiwanese animators let you watch Dick Cheney's heart transplant
…except the Taiwanese version also involves a Frankenstein’s Monster, a zombie rabbit, and Darth Vader. Riiiight.
Homeless people used as internet hotspots at tech conference
Homeless people at the SXSW festival in Texas wear t-shirts that say “I am a 4G hotspot”, and carry devices which allow conference attendees to get online.
Bizarre publicity photo of the day
What’s going on here?
Man adopts his own girlfriend in US legal battle
A judge said the “surreal” move takes an ongoing court case “into a legal twilight zone”.
American man kills wife, stepdaughter and neighbours... over eggs
Kanye totally goes off on one on Twitter
West apologises to Taylor Swift again for that awards interruption – and compares himself to Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy.
Snap-happy pile-up driver told: delete the photos
Darth Vader robs a New York bank
Sadly, his getaway wasn’t an Imperial March.