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Last year
Minister 'disappointed' with broadband rollout delays as firm says completion dates uncertain
National Broadband Ireland told an Oireachtas committee that issues have arisen with the rollout that are “beyond our direct control”.
All time
Fianna Fáil says it won't bring down the government over the broadband plan
Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley said the decision to proceed is a matter for government.
Government spends more than €25m on consultancy fees for National Broadband Plan
The fees were paid to firms for advice given from 2013 to date.
Government keen to sign broadband contract and get 'started right away'
Government sources state that more delays will come at further extra costs.
'What planet are they living on?': Martin calls out 'farcical' broadband plan, says ESB agency should roll out network
FIanna Fáil says if in power it would set up an agency in the ESB to roll out broadband to rural Ireland.
Government set to decide whether to sign off on €3bn National Broadband Plan
The plan aims to bring high-speed internet to smaller towns and one-off homes around Ireland.
After a three-year absence, free public Wi-Fi is coming back to Dublin - but not the city centre
The local authority concluded that restaurants and cafés can provide access instead.
EU secures funding to roll out free WiFi hotspots to public spaces
Local authorities can apply for vouchers worth €15,000 to provide free public WiFi in town centres, parks, libraries and museums.
Man receives €26,692 mobile bill from Three after returning home from holiday
Three says it “makes every effort to ensure that customers can manage their roaming charges when abroad”.
Salvaging the broadband plan: 'State stepping in to provide rural internet should be considered'
Fianna Fáil will tonight ask the government to stall the procurement process and review what has gone wrong in the roll-out of broadband.
17 things that are quicker than Irish Rail wifi
What are we supposed to do to pass the time? Read?
After a few glitches, Facebook is confident its drones will provide internet to 4 billion people
Around 4 billion people across the world don’t have internet access.
A guy waiting for a flight in New York came across the most immature WiFi name
A dilemma.
Wi-Fi to be made available on Aer Lingus short-haul flights
The carrier’s owner International Airlines Group said it will begin the roll-out of the service at the start of 2017.
People who paid thousands for tickets left waiting outside Web Summit
Late Late ticket prices started at €1,000 for exhibition floor only.
Accessing WiFi in a public spot? You should be extra careful
For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t treat it like your connection at home.
WiFi speed not up to scratch? Here's how you can try fixing it...
If it’s way below what you should be getting, a few things could be causing a problem.
So what should you consider when switching broadband plans?
We all want better value and faster speeds but what should you keep in mind?
Have a bit of spare time? You should change your WiFi password
It might seem trivial but changing the default password prevents freeloaders from using your WiFi without your knowledge.
Is there any real difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi?
Apart from the numbers, of course.
Fairy lights could be slowing down your broadband, watchdog warns
Other household items that were flagged as slowing down wifi were microwave ovens, baby monitors and lamps.
Dublin could get a café that blocks mobile phone signals
Would you be able for it…?
16 WiFi names that are totally on point
Cya UPC034589.
Senators want to criminalise offending people online – and they're dangerously misguided
Without the freedom to offend, freedom of expression does not exist.
Fidelma Healy-Eames: Wiffy is French for wifi
The senator said the ‘mispronunciation’ incident has kickstarted her General Election campaign.
Your next WiFi hotspot won’t be in your home but your car
And it’s something that car manufacturers are starting to include in their vehicles as part of the connected car movement.
People cannot get over Fidelma Healy-Eames and her 'wiffy code'
#pcgonemad #sexualorientation
Fidelma Healy Eames pronounced WiFi as 'wiffy' and it was straight up mortifying
“Do you have the wiffy code?”
Millions of Apple and Google customers are vulnerable to a decades-old hack
Hackers may be harvesting your sensitive personal information.
Dublin pub makes a statement with their wifi password
Oscars strikes again.
So what's the deal with Smart TVs?
Almost every TV now comes with some kind of smart capability, but do they add anything to the experience?
Sick of dodgy WiFi on trains and buses? We have some good news...
…but it might cost us.
Google's plans to start testing its WiFi balloons in Australia
20 WiFi beaming balloons will be launched across Western Queensland as part of its plan to bring internet access to the world.
"State of you" WiFi network found on Dublin Bus
State of you.
CEO of Web Summit says if dodgy WiFi not fixed 'we won't be in this country much longer'
Around 22,000 people attended the event which is worth an estimated €100 million to the Irish economy.
'The most Irish thing ever': WiFi trouble at Dublin's Web Summit
Over 16,000 devices were connected to the wifi at the RDS today.
Samsung says it's developed WiFi technology that's five times faster
The new speeds would allow a 1GB movie to be downloaded in less than three seconds and allow uncompressed HD videos to be streamed in real-time.
UPC broadband back up after technical difficulties across parts of Dublin
Engineers worked to fix the problem, said the broadband provider.
Londoners unwittingly give up their first born child for free WiFi
It was part of an experiment into the dangers of public WiFi use.
How to change the password for your WiFi modem
Default passwords may seem long, but they’re not that secure so you should change it when you get the chance.