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# you shall not pass
'Everybody was kissing Darren on the head in the changing room after the final whistle'
Randolph was in fine form for Middlesbrough – again – on Saturday.
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LeBron's devastating block in the final minutes paved the way for his crowning moment
Never forget, defence wins Championships.
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Policeman could face jail time for posting video of Messi's passport on Snapchat
Prosecutors accused the policeman of “abusing the telecommunication system.”
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The government was very concerned with bike tyres in 1985
Important business…
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Here are the best bits from a memorable game between Australia and Wales
Unmissable stuff from Twickenham.
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This Lord of the Rings fan caught Ian McKellen's attention with this amazing sign
All the feels.
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Goalkeeper concedes seven against Dortmund but this triple save was incredible
Sondre Rossbach, take a bow.
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The most common passwords used in 2014 will make you cringe
The lack of imagination is astounding.
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Ian McKellen warns college students what'll happen if they don't study
You can probably guess what he says.
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Roy Carroll makes wonder save on the double to thwart Cavani and Forlan
The Northern Ireland goalkeeper also kissed the post after throwing himself to keep out the rebound.
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Ian McKellen wears Gandalf Y-fronts!
And he’s looking well for 74.
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QUIZ: How many of these Lord of the Rings props can you name?
How’s your Middle Earth knowledge?
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Ian McKellen's message to schoolkids is the best ever
Wise words, Gandalf. Wise words.