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Tonga prepared for their Namibia win with a very cheeky diet
Tonga lived off a diet of Nando’s for 10 days.

TONGA RECOVERED FROM their surprise defeat to Georgia by picking up a bonus point win against Namibia yesterday, and it seems that their win was fuelled by a Nando’s-rich diet.

The Pacific Islanders had a 10 day break between their opener against Georgia in Gloucester and yesterday’s win against Namibia in Exeter, and they used that time to tuck into a feast of chicken every day at a local Nando’s restaurant, and it looks like it has done the trick.

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Their regular trips to the restaurant chain led to them being told they were “part of the Nando’s family”. Ah, bless…

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And after a week of the staff in Exeter keeping them stuffed to the gills with chicken, they had the decency to leave them a pretty nice parting gift.

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Tonga are back on the pitch this weekend to face Argentina in Leicester.

The local Nando’s chains better be prepared.

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