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Daithi Regan column: System was the key as best team of the summer won out
But the Rebels will be back, writes hurling columnist.
Daithi Regan's key duel: Shane O'Neill v Darach Honan’s hurling columnist looks at the key duel in today’s game.
Daithi Regan: 'It's still an All-Ireland final and once it starts, nothing else will matter'’s hurling columnist looks ahead to tomorrow’s final replay.
Daithi Regan: 'I've never seen anything to match yesterday's finale'’s hurling columnist reviews Cork and Clare’s showdown in Croke Park.
Daithi Regan: 'When JBM's and Davy's teams collide, it will be fascinating'’s hurling columnist looks ahead to Sunday’s clash in Croke Park.
Daithi Regan: 'It can go one of two ways with Clare -- they will destroy you... or you'll get a team like Cork'’s hurling analyst on Clare’s system, Davy Fitz’s managerial style, and the Hawk-Eye controversy.
Daithi Regan: 'Referees are ruining hurling by treating it like football'’s hurling columnist thinks a football mentality is ruining hurling refereeing.
Daithi Regan: 'Kilkenny need to review their hurling style as it's become outdated'’s hurling columnist reviews yesterday’s action in Thurles.
Dáithí Regan: 'The fear that used to exist amongst teams towards Kilkenny is gone'’s hurling columnist looks back on a memorable weekend of action.
Dáithí Regan: No positives for Eamon O'Shea after Tipperary's sorry summer
Kilkenny face a potential banana skin next weekend, according to hurling expert.
Dáithí Regan: Cork progress, Dublin challenge strongly and Offaly disappoint.’s hurling columnist reviews the weekend’s action.
Daithi Regan: Limerick's celebration, Tipp's dejection and Kilkenny's satisfaction’s hurling columnist reviews the weekend’s action.
Daithi Regan: 'Tipperary were atrocious and there was no pattern to their play'’s hurling analyst on Tipperary’s struggles, the step up for Clare and Galway’s attacking show after the opening round of the Allianz Hurling League.
Daithi Regan: 'This victory strikes me as being truly special for Brian Cody'’s hurling analyst salutes Kilkenny’s achievement in finally getting the better of Galway in Sunday’s All-Ireland decider.
Daithi Regan's key All-Ireland SHC final duel’s hurling analyst looks at a match-up which could have a critical bearing on today’s decider.
Daithi Regan: 'For all the excitement about Galway, there is more assurance about Kilkenny'’s hurling analyst assesses matters before next Sunday’s All-Ireland final replay.
Daithi Regan: "It was one of the worst refereeing decisions that was ever made."’s hurling analyst feels Galway were fortunate to get that late free on Sunday but their attacking tools are continuing to make life uncomfortable for Kilkenny.
Daithi Regan’s Key Duel: The midfield battle of Galway and Kilkenny
Ahead of today’s All-Ireland final,’s hurling analyst looks at one of the key match-up’s that could decide the meeting of Galway and Kilkenny.
Daithi Regan: "This game is not a question of Galway's ability as hurlers, it is their ability to face up to a juggernaut."’s hurling analyst expects Kilkenny’s greater All-Ireland final know-how to be crucial when they face Galway on Sunday.
Daithí Regan: "It's hard to think of a more eagerly-awaited All-Ireland hurling semi-final than this one."’s hurling analyst Daithi Regan feels last Sunday’s result between Galway and Cork could be a critical factor in determining this Sunday’s result between Kilkenny and Tipperary.
Daithí Regan: 'The pressure Galway will be under will be suffocating'
In the first of his columns for, Daithí Regan questions whether Galway will be able for greater physical challenge in the All-Ireland final.