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Advertising and commercial partnerships policy

At Journal Media, we are committed to transparency to our readers. We make the role of advertisers in our paid-for content clear with specific labels. Here is where you’ll find explanations for each of these labels.

1. Native ads

Sponsored / Sponsored by

Our native ads are pinned in either fifth or tenth position in a title’s river of stories. We mark them with a box on desktop or with yellow shading on app. They are also marked as sponsored alongside the brand’s logo. The brand’s byline appears on the pieces. Each article is produced by our lovely copywriters in-house, in close collaboration with the brand in question.

2. Content sponsorship

Brought to you by

We produce content that is supported by a brand. The brand may select the overall topic of the content with which they wish to be associated, but each piece is then written with editorial independence. This helps us cover areas we normally wouldn’t without supplements to our resources.

Because we create the content independently and the brand has no input aside from setting the topic, the author retains the byline.

3. Aided through grants

With the support of

This is editorially independent content that we produce with generous funding from supporters of journalism.

4. Media space around existing articles

Supported by

Journal Media creates certain groups of content - for example, regular items such as the 9 at 9, seasonal items such as Christmas-themed articles, coverage of the World Cup, etc, or content aimed at specific audiences, eg, students, parents etc. Like almost all websites, we sell the media space around our content.

Sometimes, a brand will want to own the media space around all articles that are relevant to their audience (such as Life Style sports wanting to reach those reading about fitness, above). Our editorial team conceives of all of this great content independently - and brands then appeal to the readers with display advertising around it. Brands have no input whatsoever into this content, but their advertising helps us bring it to you.