# Your Say

Poll: Have you done the Conor Pass drive?
Last week
14th April 2024 - 20th April 2024
Poll: How many streaming subscriptions do you have?
Poll: Do you have tickets for Taylor Swift's gig this summer?
Poll: How often do you order food for delivery?
Poll: Are you more familiar with Paris and Berlin or Belfast and Derry?
Poll: Do you want a general election to be held this summer?
This month
April 2024
Poll: Will you watch the Amy Winehouse biopic?
Poll: Have you driven along the Wild Atlantic Way?
Poll: Does the rainy weather change how you get around?
Poll: Will you watch the Euro 2025 Qualifier tonight?
Poll: Will you try to view the solar eclipse tonight?
Poll: Are you a renter?
Poll: Do you understand how the European Union works?
Poll: Have you listened to Beyoncé's cover of Jolene?
Poll: Would you support a united Ireland?
Poll: Do you check your emails after work?
Poll: What is the most you've paid for a pint in Ireland?
Poll: Have you fallen for any April Fool's Day jokes?
Last month
March 2024
Poll: Have you eaten an Easter egg yet?
Poll: Did you stick to your Lent commitments?
Poll: Are you getting chipper tonight?
Poll: Do you save into a private pension?
Poll: Are you jetting off over the Easter break?
Poll: Do you like voice notes?
Poll: Have you ever seen the Northern lights?
Poll: How old is your smartphone?
Poll: When was the last time you visited an art gallery or museum in Ireland?
Poll: Would you like to see a general election take place?
Poll: Have you bought an Easter egg yet?
Poll: Who do you think will take over as Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader?
Poll: Do you like the James Bond films?
Poll: Have you watched Irish Wish?
Poll: Did you watch the Dancing With The Stars final?
Poll: Will you go to a St Patrick's Day parade today?
Poll: Will you attend a St Patricks' Day event this weekend?
Poll: How often do you speak Irish?
Poll: Should the passenger cap at Dublin Airport be increased?
Poll: How much exercise do you get each week?
Poll: Do you think nightclubs should stay open later?
Poll: Should the broadcast ban on the day of elections and referendums be scrapped?