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Heated: 6 more combustible TV panel debates

After Paul Kimmage locked horns with Ian O’Riordan on iTalk Sport last night, we decided to dig up previously buried hatchets.

COMPETITIVE PEOPLE GET involved in sport and sportpeople get involved in debate. So when a good debate gets going (and is caught on camera) sparks are gonna fly.

Now most of the spikiest encounters with athletes, or an athlete turned pundit, will come during or directly after their competition, but if you sit them down and poke and prod them just enough… well, see for yourself.

Mike Tyson v Dermot Murnaghan

If I was Dermot Murnaghan, I’d have stopped once Mike Tyson told me “you’re irritating me”, but this channel has 24-hours to fill.

YouTube credit: camotecat

Brian Clough v Don Revie

If only they made television like this in the Premier League era. Imagine Jose Mourinho and Avram Grant going on the Jonathan Ross show to air their dirt linen. While you’re watching, what kind of snazzy get up has Gary Lineker got on?

TouTube credit: steakandsid

Eamon Dunphy v Liam Brady

We tried (honestly we tried) to make this list without Eamon Dunphy, but the man is TV gold. Here he is uttering the immortal words, “you’ve jumped over the fence baby!” Hard to believe now, but there was a time when Arsene Wenger got criticised quite a lot.

YouTube credit: rayfoleyshow

Liam Brady v Bill O’Herlihy

Dunphy makes a cameo appearance in this one too, but he is merely a second fiddle to Brady. Again seen visciously defending a former colleague, Brady decimates dear old Bill for a swipe at Giovanni Trapattoni’s style of football. In fact, the words hadn’t even left O’Herlihy’s mouth when Chippy got all ‘don’t even go there’.

YouTube credit: downwiththatsortofthing

Joe Brolly v Tony Davis

More from the wonderful world of Irish television now as Tony Davis takes offence at Joe Brolly’s jibes at Cork.

“It’s not my fault”, sniped Brolly, “that yis haven’t beat Kerry in a big game in Croke Park. That’s a private thing.”

YouTube credit: paulwhl

Jim Rome v Jim Everett

Not so much a panel discussion this, more of a one-on-one chat turned nasty. ESPN pundit Jim Rome draws the ire of Jim Everett, an NFL quarterback, by continually calling him Chris – Chris Evert was a star of womens tennis from 1972 to 1989. Everett could only be pushed so far before he ended the debate, and the coffee table.

YouTube credit: Firebird7478

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