Charl Schwartzel celebrates his US Masters victory on the eighteenth green. Matt Slocum/AP/Press Association Images

As it happened: Masters Day Four

South African Charl Schwartzel has won the US Masters with a score of -14. Relive the final day’s action with our hole-by-hole coverage here.

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Well that’s about it from me for the evening. When I sat down at eight o’clock, I really didn’t think that this was how the evening was going to develop. But you never know with Augusta, do you?

Thanks for all who stopped by. We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow morning with all the reaction and some other non-Masters news as well. See you then.

Charl Schwartzel: “It was just such an exciting day.”

“If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have the golf swing I’ve got. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him.”

FINAL LEADERBOARD: -14 Charl Schwartzel -12 Jason Day, Adam Scott -10 Tiger Woods, Geoff Ogilvy, Luke Donald

Rory McIlroy: “I thought I hung in pretty well on the front nine, and I was leading the tournament at the turn.”

“Then there was that poor tee-shot on 10 and it just unravelled from there – 11, 12, 13.”

“I lost a lot of confidence in my putting around the turn. I was second-guessing lines and second-guessing my speed and you can’t really do that around here.”

I led the tournament for 63 holes so you have to look at the positives.

I’m pretty disappointed at the minute and I’m sure I will be for the next few days but I’ll get over it.

McIlroy misses his birdie putt on a day to forget – an 80 for him and he finishes on -4. A nightmare for the young Ulsterman but hopefully he’ll come back bigger and better in 12 months time. Hopefully.

Rory walks up the 18th fairway – what might have been …

CHARL SCHWARTZEL WINS THE US MASTERS And that is how you finish a tournament. Birdies at 15, 16, 17 and 18 for Schwartzel and for that alone, he deserves his win. A brilliant performance.

Good second shot for Schwartzel. He’s left himself with maybe 30ish feet and two putts to make it. It should be a formality …

Day makes a cracking birdie putt on 18, finishing with a 68 and a four-round total of -12. Scott makes his par to join him in the clubhouse on the same score.

So, a four wins it for Schwartzel. Anybody care to make a prediction?

Leaderboard: -13 Schwartzel (17) -12 Scott (17) -11 Day (17)

Schwartzel’s drive on 18 is straight down the middle. A four here should – should - be good enough for him to take the green jacket.

Jason Day hasn’t gone away either – he hits a peach into the heart of the eighteenth green which spins back to seven or eight feet. He’ll have a chance to move to -12, but that might not be enough.

Unbelievable by Charl Schwartzel – absolutely incredible birdie putt on 17, straight down the middle, and he now moves into the outright lead on -13 with one hole to play.

We’re at the stage now where every shot is absolutely critical. Schwartzel’s approach into 17 is lovely as is Scott’s drive on 18. Who’ll blink first?

I have to say, Adam Scott’s putting has been nothing short of excellent so far this afternoon. His par putt was by no means an easy one but he’s pulled it out of the bag. Brilliant – and there’s a lot of golf left to be played still this evening.

Leaderboard: -12 Scott (17), Schwartzel (16) -11 Day (17) -10 Woods (F), Donald (F), Ogilvy (F), Choi (17)

I’d forgotten about Jason Day, but that appears to have been rather remiss of me. He sinks a long birdie putt on the 17th and now he’s on -11. My head hurts.

Scott’s third shot at 17 is out of a greenside bunker and he does alright considering. He’ll have a tester to save par and to hang on to his share of the lead.

That 20-footer that Schwartzel had? Well, he’s only gone and stuck it in the cup, hasn’t he? He joins Mr Scott on -12.

Donald has just finished out his round by chipping in from the fringe on the 18th. He finishes up on -10 which is no less than he deserves really.

Cabrera pulls one back at 15. He moves to -10 which probably won’t be good enough in its own right, but he still has three holes to play.

Scott’s back in picnic-basket territory again – surely he’s not going to do what ever other leader has done so far today and capitulate horribly?

Schwartzel’s tee-shot into the par three 16th isn’t the worst in the world – he’ll have a 20-footer for birdie.

Birdie four for Schwartzel on 15 and he moves to -11. Seconds later, Scott knocks his gimme in at 16 to move to -12 and keep his one shot lead.

Leaderboard: -12 Scott (16) -11 Schwartzel (15) -10 Woods (F), Ogilvy (F), Day (16), Choi (15)

And a dropped shot for Donald will probably rule him out of the hunt as well. He drops back to -9 with just the eighteenth left to play.

Bo’s blown it, it would seem. He drops another shot and is now three behind Scott on -8.

Now it’s time for me to get all effusive with praise for Adam Scott. His tee-shot at 16 is absolutely stitched to within a foot or two and he will almost certainly make a bird here to move to -12. An Aussie winning the Masters? Seriously?

Ogilvy joins Woods in the clubhouse at -10. I wonder if that will be good enough – I suspect not, but still.

Big save by Adam Scott on 15 and the advantage is still his – but I gave up making predictions about this a long, long time ago.

Leaderboard: -11 Scott -10 Donald, Schwartzel, Woods, Ogilvy, Day -9 Choi, Cabrera

Scott’s got his ball out of the picnic basket but he had to play it safe-ish and there’ll probably be at least one dropped shot there for the Aussie.

Cabrera misses a birdie putt to join the crowd on -10. Can Luke possibly break the curse of the par-three? He can’t, can he?

Bogey for Bo on 16, he’s back on -9 now with two to play.

Tiger misses a huge putt on 18 for a birdie, and he’ll become the clubhouse leader on -10 if he can make a four-footer for par. Which he does. The bar is set.

Luke Donald – where did you come from? Birdie at 16 for Lukey moves him to -10 which could be enough for a share of the lead depending on how many sandwiches Scott’s ball is under.

John Buckley has some words of wisdom for Rory’s fans: “Mental to stay up and watch that all night if you have work. Luckily I have sky sports on my phone so I can watch it in bed!”

It’s right about now that I should ask you to spare a thought for those of us who are still working on Sunday night.

Tournament leader Adam Scott has managed to put his ball in someone’s picnic basket by the 15th green by the look of things. It could be about to change again.

Twitter has just informed that Rory McIlroy has just lost about $1.28m in the last hour. I’m just going to stop looking at Twitter now, it’s not good for me.

Bo van Pelt – he who eagled 13 – has gone and eagled 15 as well. -10 baby and Bo’s in the hunt as well.

Stats time – No Aussie has ever won the Masters. Greg Norman came close in 1996 of course but then he “did a McIlroy” … or something like that.

There are a number of things which you might have noticed. There are three Aussies crowded together at the top of the leaderboard and one of them – Adam Scott – has just birdied 14 to take the outright lead on -11.

I’m trying to work out the current state of the leaderboard for you, but it’s hard to see through the tears. Here’s my best effort.

Leaderboard: -11 Scott -10 Cabrera, Schwartzel, Woods, Ogilvy, Day -9 Choi

While I was crying about Rory, Geoff Ogilvy managed to string together consecutive birdies on 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. He moves to -10 at the top of an increasingly packed leaderboard.

McIlroy’s tee-shot on 13 ends up in the water – water that’s not even meant to be in play on that hole. There are no words.

Well that’s the end of Rory McIlroy sadly. What an absolute nightmare. He three-putts to take five on the par-three 12th and he’s now all the way back on -5

This is absolutely heart-breaking to watch. I’m speechless.

A second successive birdie for Day and now he’s gone to -10. I could have a fully functioning crystal ball here and I still wouldn’t be able to tell you anything.

Tiger has given himself every opportunity today, but he misses another birdie putt at the par-three 16th and he stays at -10.

McIlroy’s birdie attempt is just off target and that’s a slightly disappointing par for him. Cabrera pulls off a sensational up-and-down from a horrible greenside position to save par and stay on -10.

Choi will have to settle for bogey at 12, dropping back to -9. Donald must fancy himself as an outside chance as well – he’s recovered from his double bogey with a bird to bring himself back to -8.

An eagle for Bo van Pelt moves him to -8 as well. I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with all the movements here.

Oh yes, Rory, oh yes. Gorgeous approach at 11 and he’ll have a great chance for birdie. There are a few errant shots creeping into everyone else’s rounds – Cabrera and Choi most recently – and a shot here would make a world of difference.

I can’t be the only one thinking this right now, but the old Tiger would have made that eagle putt – but he doesn’t, kissing the inside of the cup and running by. He makes the one back for birdie though and we’ve a five-way tie at the top.

It’s all changed in the last few minutes, this is what the leaderboard looks like (I think)

Leaderboard: -10 Scott (11), Choi (11), Schwartzel (11), Cabrera (10); -9 Woods (14), Day (12); -8 McIlroy (10), Ogilvy (14)

OH WOW. Tiger Woods is back in the game. Well, he was never really out of it but he’s just hit a sensational approach to 15 and he’ll have a four-footer for eagle and the outright lead.

A triple-bogey for McIlroy. -8, two shots off the lead. This isn’t lost by any stretch of the imagination but he needs to take several deep breaths.

Well this could be the meltdown we were all afraid. He somehow, inexplicably, fluffs his fourth as well and this is not becoming pleasant viewing.

His fifth trickles onto the green but we could conceivably be looking at a triple-bogey seven here. Not tournament-ending, but he’ll need to get his head straight before he hits another shot.

Anyway, let’s see how he finishes on this hole before we write the obituary.

Where, oh where is Rory gone now? His third shot appears to have headed way too far to the left and he’s almost certainly going to drop a shot here.

Just in case anybody was starting to panic, I’ve decided to back him at 5/1. He’s not playing well, but that’s the biggest endorsement I can give him.

Tiger’s unlucky with a long birdie putt at 14 which just doesn’t turn enough and he stays two shots behind.

Adam Scott picks up another shot to move to -10. He’s another dark horse who will fancy his chances over the back nine.

Yeah, that tee shot was not good. It looks like the ball may have caught the limb of a tree and has come to a rest about 100 yards away from the tee box. The commentators on the Beeb claim they’ve never seen anyone up there before – it looked like someone’s front garden to me.

Looking on the bright side, it was in bounds but all he can do is chip back out onto the fairway and he’s still got quite a bit to go to reach the green.

Lukey Donald’s charge has come a-cropper at 12. He’s in the water and will drop one shot at best, if not two.

I’m not sure where McIlroy’s tee-shot at the tenth is gone – it didn’t look pretty. Hopefully it’s not too bad.

McIlroy pushes his birdie putt past the right-hand side of the hole – looks like he may have misread it ever so slightly. He’ll tuck that away for par and he’s out in 37.

Cabrera has a tricky downhill putt for birdie but it slips away as it gathers pace and he’ll have to settle for a front-nine total of 34.

Cabrera absolutely stitches his approach into the ninth, leaving it about five feet away. McIlroy’s isn’t quite as excellent but he’s left himself a birdie shout nonetheless.

Schwartzel passed up a birdie opportunity at the eighth by hitting it slightly too hard, and now he just misses another chance by leaving it short.

His playing partner KJ Choi makes no such mistake – a birdie for him finishes off the front nine and leaves him a shot behind McIlroy.

A great putt from the fringe by McIlroy and he’ll surely save par now at the eighth … which he does, as Angel Cabrera knocks in a birdie to move to -10.

Luke Donald’s on the move as well, he birdies the 9th to move -9.

Leaderboard: -11 McIlroy (8); -10 Cabrera (8), Schwartzel (8); -9 Donald (9), Woods (12); -8 Scott (8), Choi (8)

And now it’s Rory’s turn to make a bit of a mistake. His second into the eighth ended up out the back of the green and as he tried to play a little dink-and-run, he caught a tiny bit of the ground. The ball bobbles up onto the fringe and he’s unlikely to do better than par from that position.

Remember that par putt at 12 that I said Tiger would make? Commentator’s curse strikes again – it lips out off the left edge and he drops back to -9. That gives everyone else a little bit of breathing space, and a birdie for Rory at eight would help his cause a great deal now.

Schwartzel has a birdie putt at eight to rejoin Rory at the top of the leaderboard but he puts a tiny bit too much juice on it and he’ll have to settle for par.

As will Woods at the par-three 12th – his long birdie putt finishes up a couple of feet away and he’ll almost certainly take par.

Leaderboard: -11 McIlroy (7) -10 Woods (11), Schwartzel (7) -9 Choi (7), Cabrera (7)

Tiger has safely navigated the first leg of Amen Corner with a par at 11. You could literally hear a pin drop as his ball wound towards the hole – which is in stark contrast to the standing ovation he gets as he approaches the 12th tee box.

For the sake of transparency, I should advise you all that David Walsh has been on’s Facebook page declaring that McIlroy has “no hope” of winning. I’ll be revisiting this post in a couple of hours time, don’t worry.

McIlroy’s playing partner for the first few days, Jason Day, hasn’t gone away you know. He birdies the eighth to move back to -8.

Another man who’s sticking around is Rory’s current partner, Angel Cabrera. He birdied 7 as well and he’s just two shots back on -9.

Absolutely brilliant putt from McIlroy on seven gives him a birdie and moves him back into the outright lead on -11. The ball was nestled on the fringe, but he somehow managed to trickle it down to take one of those dropped shots back.

That could be huge for the confidence.

Adrian has left a comment below to reassure broke punters everywhere. I can feel his pain. Nick Watney and Bubba Watson were not the best of choices in hindsight.

Choi makes a birdie three at the seventh and he moves to -9, just one shot off the lead. Anyone – anyone – can win this. Schwartzel taps in to make par shortly afterwards.

Leaderboard: -10 McIlroy (6), Schwartzel (7), Woods (10) -9 Choi (7)

If ever you needed proof of how fast the Augusta greens are, Schwartzel’s birdie putt on seven is evidence. He merely looks at the ball and it zips off down the slope, ending up two or three feet beyond the cup.

McIlroy recovers from a slightly-underhit tee shot on the par-three sixth, two-putting to save par. Steady as she goes Rory, steady as she goes.

Eoin O’Shea has been in touch on Twitter to let us know that Tiger’s gonna bring this one home on current form. What do the rest of you think? Has anybody got any money riding on this evening’s action?

An excellent putt from Tiger saves par and he’s completed the front nine in five-under 31. He’s gone favourite on the betting exchanges now, which isn’t really a surprise considering how good he is on the back nine here at Augusta.

Leaderboard: -10 McIlroy (5), Schwartzel (6), Woods (9); -8 Day, Choi, Cabrera

Rory uses the wedge from the fringe and he’s got a nice little run to leave himself with a very makeable par putt – but he pulls it ever so slightly and it lips out. He drops back to ten-under alongside Tiger and Schwartzel, but Tiger could easily drop one here at the ninth.

Donald has dropped a shot at seven as well. His birdie putt ran about 10 feet past the hole and he couldn’t make the return.

McIlroy’s approach shot to five isn’t ideal, landing on the very front edge of an incredibly hilly green. Two putts from where he is will be a more than acceptable outcome from there. No need to worry just yet – I’ll let you know when to start.

Woods has found trouble on the ninth as well. His second shot from the pine needles is in a greenside bunker, but Tiger in his prime would make those up-and-downs all day.

Tiger’s found the pine needles and the ninth but it looks like he should be able to get a clear shot at the green from where he is.

Schwartzel and Choi par the fifth to stay at -10 and -8 respectively.

Oh, he’s back. He’s back. Tiger makes his eagle at the eighth and all of a sudden, he’s just one shot off the lead on -10.

It is worth bearing in mind that he’s never won a Major coming from behind on the final day. But stats like that are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Leaderboard: McIlroy -11 (3); Schwartzel -10 (4); Cabrera -9 (3); Woods -8 (7); Donald, Day, Scott, Choi -8

Tiger has played an absolute beaut of a second into the par-five eight. My Twitter timeline explodes with people proclaiming that the great one is back. He’ll have a makeable eagle putt to move to -10.

Schwartzel slips back to -10 with a bogey at the par-three fourth. His long par putt just didn’t have the legs, wandering away to the left just before it reached the cup.

Rory has to settle for par. He was obviously expecting a bit more break from the ball, but it’s missed on the high side by a decent amount. He makes the putt back without any problems and stays at -11. Only the one dropped shot so far, even though it seems slightly more severe than that.

It’s not. Relax.

Beautiful second shot by McIlroy at the third will leave him with a downhill six-footer for birdie. His playing partner Angel Cabrera has just dropped a shot to move back to -7.

The Tiger Express has well and truly pulled out of the station at this stage. Birdie at 7 moves him to -8 and three shots off the lead.

We’re all tied up at the top after an absolutely beautiful eagle two for Charl Schwartzel at the third hole. His approach pitched about ten foot past the flag and just followed the slope all the way back down to the cup. Beautiful.

Leaderboard: McIlroy -11 (2), Schwartzel -11 (3); Donald, Day, Scott, Choi, Cabrera -8

A huge putt for McIlroy on the second green to save par. It was a tester from about seven or eight feet and it just slid inside to settle the nerves. Very important.

And as Rory struggles, guess who’s on the prowl? Tiger birdies the par-three sixth and all of a sudden he’s just four shots off the lead. He couldn’t, could he?

Uh oh. More trouble for Rory on the second fairway. His drive found a fairway bunker and, as he tried to play an eight-iron out of trouble, the shot caught the lip of the bunker and ended up about 20 yards in front of where it started.

He should still be able to make the green in three shots, but his hopes of an eagle at this hole might need to be readjusted slightly.

So, here’s how things stand at the moment. Still a lot of golf to be played.

Leaderboard: McIlroy -11 (1), Schwartzel -9 (1), Donald -8 (2), Choi -8 (1), Cabrera -8 (1)

That’s not an ideal start for Rory, he’s after dropping a shot on the very first hole. His approach was slightly long and it took him three to get down from the back of the green.

South African Charl Schwartzel had an early birdie to move to -9, and all of a sudden, McIlroy’s four-shot lead his been halved. How will the youngster cope with this early setback?

Well, a very good evening to you all on this fine Sunday evening. The sun is gone but the golf is just starting to heat up.

And what a night we have in store for you. Ulster’s Rory McIlroy took a four-shot overnight lead into the final day of today’s US Masters and, over the next three hours, he’ll be trying to become a Major winner at just 21 years of age. Amazing!

We’ll be keeping an eye on Rory’s progress over the next few hours. Stay with us – it’s going to be a pretty special night one way or the other.