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A man accidentally called his wife Kauto Star when they were in bed together

Don’t try this at home.

WHAT STUPID THINGS have you said in bed? (Rhetorical question, don’t answer that.)

A man is claiming to be Kauto Star’s biggest fan — because he accidentally called his wife by the legendary racehorse’s name when they were in bed together.

Betfair, who are currently searching for the hardest of the hardcore among the double Gold Cup-winner’s supporters, received this gem from “Jason”:

I called my wife Kauto Star in bed by accident. He had just won earlier in the day and I had a few drinks on the back of it, and, well, I can elaborate more if needed…

Trainer Paul Nicholls’s response? “I would be very interested to hear if you ate up alright and turned out sound the next morning…”

Other entrants include a woman who has done over 20 paintings of Kauto and sold them on Ebay, raising over £20,000 for charity, and another who themed her entire wedding — right down to the colour of her garter — around his iconic green and gold silks.


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