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Right and proper: Oxford rower apologises for unconsciousness

Alex Woods has said sorry after his blackout ‘spoiled’ Cambridge’s Boat Race celebrations.

APOLOGISING FOR ONE’S unconsciousness is usually reserved for remorseful souls nursing a hangover in the cold light of day.

However, Alex Woods has taken the unusual step of doing just that – even though nothing stronger than an energy drink had passed his lips.

Following the interruption to this year’s instalment of the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race, Woods was left laid out from exhaustion when the joust finally ended.

Sitting at the back of the boat, Woods lay limp for some time before being tended to by doctors. Cambridge sportingly chose not commence celebrating by the shore of the Thames.

Oxford’s exertions had been multiplied on the day, first by the race stoppage, and then by a break to a blade on one of their oars.

“I don’t remember anything of the race after being aware of the blade breaking, and am obviously devastated at the way things turned out, but would like to congratulate CUBC for their win.” Woods told the Telegraph.

“I have contacted their crew and [coach] Steve Trapmore personally, to say that I’m very sorry that my collapse prevented their celebrations, and to thank them for thinking of me at the time. Such sportsmanlike behaviour is a real credit to all of their crew.”

Oxford’s team doctor John Sichel said that Woods had drove himself beyond the limit and his body could not take in enough oxygen to support the effort. Woods spent Saturday night in hospital, but is now recovering at home.

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