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2013 National Football League Fixtures
The provisional fixture programme has been released for next spring’s football league action.

THE 2013 NATIONAL football league is set to start with a Division 1 showdown between the 2011 All-Ireland champions Dublin and 2010 All-Ireland champions Cork on Saturday February 2nd.

Dublin will have home advantage for the tie with current All-Ireland champions Donegal traveling to face Kildare the following day on Sunday February 3rd.

Beaten All-Ireland finalists Mayo will start their Division 1 campaign away to Kerry on the same day and they will renew acquaintances with Donegal on Sunday March 24th.

The fixtures have been released in the provisional list for the 2013 season with the Division 1A programme as follows:

Division 1
Saturday February 2nd:
Dublin v Cork
Sunday February 3rd: Kildare v Donegal, Down v Tyrone, Mayo v Kerry.
Saturday February 9th: Cork v Kildare, Kerry v Dublin.
Sunday February 10th: Mayo v Tyrone, Donegal v Down.
Saturday March 2nd: Dublin v Mayo
Sunday March 3rd: Tyrone v Donegal, Kildare v Kerry, Down v Cork.
Saturday March 9th: Down v Mayo.
Sunday March 10th: Donegal v Kerry, Kildare v Dublin, Tyrone v Cork.
Saturday March 16th: Mayo v Kildare, Cork v Donegal, Dublin v Tyrone, Kerry v Down.
Sunday March 24th: Dublin v Down, Kerry v Cork, Mayo v Donegal, Kildare v Tyrone.
Sunday April 7th: Down v Kildare, Cork v Mayo, Tyrone v Kerry, Donegal v Dublin.

In Division 2, the two sides that were relegated this year from Division 1 – Laois and Armagh – will face off on Saturday February 2nd. While Wexford and Longford, who were promoted from Division 3 this year, will meet on Sunday February 2nd.

Division 2
Saturday February 2nd:
Laois v Armagh.
Sunday February 3rd: Galway v Derry, Wexford v Longford, Westmeath v Louth.
Sunday February 10th: Longford v Westmeath, Armagh v Wexford, Derry v Laois, Louth v Galway.
Saturday March 2nd: Armagh v Longford, Laois v Louth.
Sunday March 3rd: Wexford v Derry, Galway v Westmeath.
Saturday March 9th: Derry v Armagh.
Sunday March 10th: Longford v Galway, Louth v Wexford, Westmeath v Laois.
Saturday March 16th: Derry v Longford, Armagh v Louth, Laois v Galway.
Monday March 18th: Wexford v Westmeath.
Sunday March 24th: Galway v Wexford, Louth v Derry, Westmeath v Armagh, Longford v Laois
Sunday April 7th: Derry v Westmeath, Louth v Longford, Wexford v Laois, Armagh v Galway.

In Division 3, Meath will travel to face Monaghan in the opening round after both sides were relegated from Division 2 last year.

Division 3
Sunday February 3rd:
Antrim v Cavan, Monaghan v Meath, Wicklow v Fermanagh, Roscommon v Sligo.
Saturday February 9th: Cavan v Monaghan, Fermanagh v Roscommon.
Sunday February 10th: Sligo v Antrim, Wicklow v Meath.
Saturday March 2nd: Meath v Cavan, Antrim v Fermanagh.
Sunday March 3rd: Roscommon v Wicklow, Monaghan v Sligo.
Saturday March 9th: Fermanagh v Monaghan.
Sunday March 10th: Sligo v Cavan, Wicklow v Antrim, Roscommon v Meath.
Saturday March 16th: Monaghan v Wicklow, Antrim v Roscommon, Cavan v Fermanagh, Meath v Sligo.
Sunday March 24th: Antrim v Meath, Fermanagh v Sligo, Wicklow v Cavan, Roscommon v Monaghan.
Sunday April 7th: Monaghan v Antrim, Sligo v Wicklow, Meath v Fermanagh, Cavan v Roscommon.

While in Division 4, Munster rivals Clare and Waterford clash in the opening round.

Division 4
Sunday February 3rd:
London v Offaly, Clare v Waterford, Limerick v Leitrim, Tipperary v Carlow.
Saturday February 9th: Waterford v Tipperary.
Sunday February 10th: Leitrim v Clare, Carlow v London, Offaly v Limerick.
Saturday March 2nd: Waterford v Limerick.
Sunday March 3rd: Offaly v Clare, Carlow v Leitrim, Tipperary v London.
Sunday March 10th: Clare v Tipperary, Limerick v Carlow, London v Waterford.
Saturday March 16th: Leitrim v Waterford, Clare v London, Offaly v Carlow, Limerick v Tipperary.
Sunday March 24th: Waterford v Offaly, London v Limerick, Tipperary v Leitrim, Carlow v Clare.
Sunday April 7th: Leitrim v London, Clare v Limerick, Carlow v Waterford, Offaly v Tipperary.

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