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26 songs for 26 miles: Here’s your Dublin City Marathon playlist

Most people listen to music when they run so we’ve helpfully put together a potential playlist for tomorrow’s Dublin City Marathon. You’re welcome.

WHEN PUTTING TOGETHER a marathon playlist it’s important to remember that music can influence the pace you run at, so if you’re looking to break the three hour mark for the first time, it’s probably best not to fill your MP3 player with Adele songs.

Likewise, if your goal is just to complete the course, no matter how long it takes, four hours of nineties techno won’t be for you.

Also, don’t be afraid of the cheese.

The distance – CAKE

Okay, it may be a song about motor racing but there aren’t many tunes that name check starting lines so this will have to get you on your way.

[YouTube Credit]

Pumped up kicks – Foster the People

You’ve got the adrenalin of the start line out of your system and now it’s time to settle into a steady rhythm. Try not to join in the whistling though.

[YouTube Credit]

Island in the sun – Weezer

You’re still fighting the temptation to run flat out but you’ve got 24.2 miles to go so keep that pace steady and think of Weezer and their cute baby animals.

[YouTube Credit]

Evil – Interpol

By now you should have settled into your race pace so the tempo of the music shouldn’t matter but still, it’s not a good idea to delve into Dragonforce just yet.

[YouTube Credit]

We are the people – Empire of the Sun

Five miles in and as you enter the Phoenix Park you’re probably still amazed by the number of people running alongside you. Make sure you ignore them and use the pacemaker.

[YouTube Credit]

Badlands – Bruce Springsteen

At this stage, you’ll notice the people who haven’t trained properly starting to struggle but hopefully you have and the Park won’t become – wait for it – your badlands.

[YouTube Credit]

Running up that hill – Placebo

I know it’s a Kate Bush song, but I prefer this version; especially ahead of that monster of a hill on St Laurence’s road you’re about to face.

[YouTube Credit]

Eye of the tiger – Survivor

A total change of pace here but you can’t run a marathon and not include the greatest running song of all time!

[YouTube Credit]

Beat it – Michael Jackson

Time to set the cheese free as you hit the open roads and the mass of runners from the opening few miles begins to dissipate.

[YouTube Credit]

Don’t leave me this way – The Communards

After 10 miles, you start to pass the people in the animal costumes that seemed a great idea at the start. You can’t stop for anyone though.

[YouTube Credit]

Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode

Some people don’t like listening to music when they’re running. Those people will never understand the joys of sweating to Depeche Mode.

[YouTube Credit]

Blue Monday – New Order

You’re nearly at the half-way mark. This will be anything but a Blue Monday if you can just keep going for another ninety or so minutes.

[YouTube Credit]

Jump – Van Halen

Congratulations. You’re half way there, a feat worth celebrating but don’t do what I did at this point in 2009, which was trip and break a kneecap. I still finished mind (I didn’t know it was broken).

[YouTube Credit]

An end has a start – Editors

The second half of the race and you’re at the beginning of the end so it’s time to move away from the cheese for a while to get your mind focused on the task ahead.

[YouTube Credit]

There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths

Let’s face it, Morrissey would definitely cheer you on if he knew you were running the marathon, you know how excited he gets.

[YouTube Credit]

Daniel – Bat for Lashes

Pro Tip: Write your name on the t-shirt you plan to run in. You won’t believe how much it means to hear people cheer you on and, if your name is Daniel, all the better.

[YouTube Credit]

Crystallised – The XX

There’s less than 10 miles to go now and you’re probably beginning to suffer but, if you’ve been smart about it, now is the time your training really starts to pay off.

[YouTube Credit]

C-C (You set fire in me) – Tom Vek

You’re legs are burning, your lungs are burning but you’re on fire. You can do this.

[YouTube Credit]

To the bright and shining sun – The Walls

You can’t run an Irish marathon without having an Irish band on your playlist and what better way to face into ‘The Wall’ than with The Walls?

[YouTube Credit]

Don’t stop me now – Queen

You’ve hit the wall. It hurts like hell. But you didn’t do all that training to quit now. Mr Freddie Mercury, over to you.

[YouTube Credit]

Don’t stop believing – Journey

Yes, the cast of Glee may have ruined this song for everyone but remember how great it was at the end of The Sopranos, that’s how great you are for getting this far.

[YouTube Credit]

Treats – Sleigh Bells

You’ve broken through the wall now and your stomach is probably a little heavy from the last two helpings of cheese. Time to rock out a bit.

[YouTube Credit]

Float on – Modest Mouse

You’re nearly there, just three miles to go so what you need is a nice steady beat to get you to the finish line. Just avoid the temptation to sing along.

[YouTube Credit]

Keep the car running – Arcade Fire

This track has a great tempo for the final few miles of a race and, well, the lyrics are there to inspire you to keep going.

[YouTube Credit]

End of the line – Travelling Wilburys

As you near the finish line, it’s important to remember you’ve done something incredible and, regardless of what you’ve gone through, you’re nearly there and every ache and pain is worth it.

[YouTube Credit]

Zadok the Priest – Handel

The Champions League may have altered this composition a little bit, but it’s still perfect for crossing the finish line and all the emotion that comes with it.

[YouTube Credit]

So there you have it, a playlist that combines cheese and tunes in equal measure with more than enough tempo to get you around the course but what about you; what are your marathon songs? Let us know in the comment section below…

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