7 things we learned from John Delaney's Sky Sports interview

The channel aired a feature which gave a rare insight into the FAI chief executive’s life this morning.

1. His nickname is ‘the Godfather’

Really? Who calls him that??

2. Delaney wasn’t much of a player in his day

“Technically he wasn’t great”, according to someone who seems to be an old team-mate. “He’d rather go through you than around you.”

3. He claims he was offered a job elsewhere for more money than he’s on with the FAI

According to the FAI chief, he turned down a salary worth three times the €340,000 he currently earns with the association because he’s “happy in his job”.

4. Delaney would like to see an All-Ireland team

Having a united Irish teams is “inextricably linked to a solution for the whole island”, he says. Responding to Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill, who questioned players switching allegiance, Delaney added that they only pursue players who want to play for the Republic.

5. European Cup winner Shay Brennan lived with the Delaneys

The former Manchester United and Ireland full-back spent a couple of years with them in Tipperary while John was a child.

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6. Clones Town FC will name their ground after him

How do you like the sound of 'John Delaney Park'?

7. He calls his 10-year-old twins every morning

The final few moments show Delaney the family man phoning his kids before they go to school.

Watch the Sky Sports interview in full here

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