Facebook The pic that Mutu edited got over 13,000 likes on Facebook.
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Adrian Mutu banned from Romania squad after comparing coach to Mr Bean
The 34-year-old Ajaccio star posted an inflammatory pic to his Facebook account.

ROMANIA PROBABLY THOUGHT the week couldn’t get any worse following their World Cup play-off aggregate loss to Greece on Tuesday.

However, now comes the news that one of their star players has reportedly been banned from the squad following a considerable faux-pas.

After being left out of the squad for the Greece game, Mutu posted a pic of coach Victor Piturca with Mr Bean’s head tacked on.

The Romanian Football Federation then sent Mutu an angry letter reprimanding him for his actions, and subsequently banned him from ever representing the team again.

The 34-year-old Ajaccio star has since apologised, but his international career looks to have come to an ignominious end.

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