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Open thread: What is your favourite World Cup goal?
You only have 2,208 to choose between, so choose wisely.

PICKING YOUR FAVOURITE World Cup goal is like picking your favourite child. You’re just not supposed to it.

After all there are so many goals — 2,208 across 19 tournaments, if our maths are correct — and so many them have become iconic parts of football history.

To get you thinking, we did a quick office survey and picked out 12 of our favourites.

There was a lot of love for Dennis Bergkamp v Argentina in 98, but this is a democracy so you can have your say in the comments section.

Pele (Brazil v Sweden, 1958)

FIFATV / YouTube

Carlos Alberto (Brazil v Italy, 1970)

Soccerex / YouTube

Archie Gemmill (Scotland v Holland, 1978)

albaoilcommunity / YouTube

Arie Haan (Holland v Italy, 1978)

eljaygee82 / YouTube

Diego Maradona (Argentina v England, 1986)

mojeda111 / YouTube

Diego Maradona (Argentina v England, 1986)

forfunny59 / YouTube

Tomas Brolin (Sweden v Romania, 1994)

EveryFourthYear / YouTube

Saeed Al Owairan (Saudi Arabia v Belgium, 1994)

Peggy26 / YouTube

Michael Owen (England v Argentina, 1998)

101greatgoals / YouTube

Dennis Bergkamp (Holland v Argentina, 1998)

Frank de Jong / YouTube

Robbie Keane (Ireland v Germany, 2002)

Aodhancfc92 / YouTube

Esteban Cambiasso (Argentina v Serbia, 2006)

shabbyalonso / YouTube

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