# Bye Bye Bertie

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# Bye Bye Bertie
Bertie and his Bowl left out in the cold by Martin and FF
Micheal Martin dismisses Bertie’s “obsession” with National Stadium as Fianna Fail says Ahern interview is “irrelevant” to the future of the party in Election 2011.
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Poll: Should retiring TDs' pensions be performance-indexed?
In our daily poll, should our politicians be entitled to their full pension package – regardless of their legacy in office?
# Bye Bye Bertie
Bertie Ahern: I won't be running in the next election
The 11-year Taoiseach – a TD since 1977 – says he’ll be stepping down when the general election is held next spring.
# Bye Bye Bertie
Bertie Ahern's retirement: the speech in full
The full text of Bertie Ahern’s speech to his local branch of Fianna Fáil, where he said he’d be stepping down at the next election.