Dan Sheridan/INPHO UFC superstar Conor McGregor.
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An LA folk singer has written a song about McGregor and it's not bad at all
There’s a hint of Mumford & Sons about King Daniel’s ‘There’s Only One’.

CONOR McGREGOR’S INFLUENCE is spreading far and wide, and now it’s reached the folk scene in Los Angeles.

King Daniel, a singer based in California, has written a song about the Irish mixed martial arts star which he performed in LA last weekend.

‘There’s Only One’ has a hint of Mumford & Sons about it, but the lyrics were inspired by McGregor’s UFC featherweight title bout against champion Jose Aldo in Las Vegas on 11 July.

According to a press release, King Daniel said: “McGregor puts the art back in martial arts. He’s an inspiration to any up and coming musician/sculptor/jiujitsu player to fight the good fight and follow their dreams with the ferocity they deserve.

“There’s songs for all the great battles in history, and I wanted to bring that into the modern era with this song and support McGregor’s bid for the title.”

You can listen to ‘There’s Only One’ here. There’s been no word yet on the rumours that Wagner from the X-Factor is currently recording a Jose Aldo-inspired riposte.

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