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Corkman jailed for the murder of mother-of-three has won an appeal against his conviction
Darren Murphy faces a possible retrial.
# Mayo
GAA player jailed for assaulting opponent walks free after appeal is upheld
The victim had stated that he considers himself disabled and will “never be the same again”.
# Dangerous Driving
Drunk driver who killed a woman and paralysed another jailed for four years after successful appeal
Sean Casey (27) had originally been sentenced to seven years in prison.
# Courts
There's been a very important court ruling for anyone being pursued for debt by a bank
The judgment means a person who is being pursued by a bank for a debt is entitled to make full representations to the court.
# Cork
80-year-old who assaulted child multiple times a day has jail term cut
Patrick Bassett was sentenced to four years in prison in May of last year. The assaults date back to the 1970s.
# sinister
Man who bit off victim's ear in unprovoked pub attack loses appeal
The injured party had been “permanently disfigured” as a result of the attack, the judge said.
# filthy conditions
Appeal by couple convicted of letting MS sufferer die with 'maggots in her infected bedsores'
They contend the jury should have been allowed to consider the HSE’s alleged culpability in the death of immobile MS sufferer Evelyn Joel.
# Court of Appeal
Man who set fire to fiancee's house told never to contact her again
He had been living with his partner at the time, and a date had been fixed for their wedding.
# home thruths
The courts have backed the banks on high mortgage rates
Lenders have been accused of “changing the goal posts against the consumer” on variable mortgages.
# Courts
Rapist unwilling to engage in sex offenders programme gets extra jail time
The 54-year-old man pleaded not guilty to 60 counts of sexual assault of six sisters between 1994 and 2005.
# Court of Appeal
Men press on with their legal challenges against the marriage referendum
One man is to appeal last week’s rejection of his challenge.
# Court
Attempt to increase Wayne Dundon's 6 year prison sentence for threatening to kill and intimidate witnesses has failed
Dundon was found guilty by the Special Criminal Court of threatening Alice Collins that he would kill or cause serious harm to her sons.
# Court of Appeal
Paedophile principal has sentence for assaulting 11 pupils reduced to 2 years
The judge said he was taking the “significant contribution” the convicted man made to his community into account.
# Court
Drug smuggler involved in €400m cocaine haul off Cork coast appeals conviction
Christopher Wiggins maintains the boat ‘Dances with Waves’ was not in Irish territorial waters.
# Graham Dwyer trial
Graham Dwyer likely to lodge appeal against conviction
There were numerous legal arguments that Dwyer’s legal team could argue are grounds for appeal.
# stay extended
The O'Donnells can stay at Gorse Hill mansion for another 3 weeks
Judgement won’t be made until April 15.
# We all partied
E's are gone: Michael D has signed that emergency law, making loads of drugs illegal (again)
Ecstasy, ketamine, magic mushrooms and crystal meth (etc. etc.) will be illegal to possess once again, from midnight.
# The drugs don't work
Why are ecstasy, magic mushrooms, and other drugs all legal tonight and tomorrow?
Emergency legislation is needed after a court ruling this morning. Here’s what happened…
# Murder
Joe O'Reilly's bid for freedom hinges on evidence book in jury room
O’Reilly was convicted in 2007 of murdering his wife Rachel.
# Day One
Court of Appeal sits for the first time, but they already have a 'ready-made backlog'
The President of the Court said it is their goal to keep up to date with current appeals as far as reasonably possible.
# Justice
Here are the newly appointed Court of Appeal judges who start work next week
Chief Justice, Justice Susan Denham said the court will help with delays in the system.
# Chief Justice
Ireland's judges are struggling to 'maintain services to which people have a right'
Ireland has the lowest number of judges per capita in Europe.
# Judiciary
The High Court has two new judges, both women
Another male judge has been nominated for a vacancy that arises in the High Court later this year.
# open court
This UK terror trial could have been held entirely in secret
The two men are accused of terrorism charges – and their names have finally be released. The verdicts will now be held in open court.
# never mind the ballots
Simplify ballot papers? It could cause legal problems, say Environment officials
55 per cent of people found last year’s referendum ballot papers confusing…
# Justice
New Court of Appeal "will be up and running by October"
The Justice Minister this evening received approval for drafting legislation allowing for the court’s establishment, and named the President Designate.
# Seanad referendum
East-west divide? Referendum map shows how the country split on Seanad
In the east they said No but in the west it was largely a Yes.
The Seanad is here to stay as referendum defeated
“Sometimes in politics, you get a wallop in the electoral process” – Enda Kenny
# Seanad referendum
Fianna Fáil: We put forward arguments which demolished Fine Gael and Sinn Féin
Niall Collins said that the party is not taking anything for granted but is encouraged by the results of tallies coming in from around the country.
# Referendums
'We don’t really simplify things that are straightforward': Ballot papers cause confusion
The green and white papers caused a bit of confusion yesterday.
# Exercise the franchise
PIC: Low turnout reported as voters decide on Seanad and Court of Appeal
Have you voted yet?
# Exercise the franchise
PIC: If you haven't voted yet these are what your two ballot papers will look like
Here’s what to expect if you’re heading to your polling station in the next few hours.
# Get out the vote
Minister expects low turnout and senators to respect referendum result
Phil Hogan said he’s not worried about claims senators may disrupt the government’s legislative agenda if the public votes to abolish the Seanad. Though he was speaking before last night’s defeat in the chamber.
# court referendum
'It's certainly not a catwalk': 'Reservoir TDs' unite for Yes vote in Court referendum
It’s about as sexy as a referendum to establish a new court can possibly get.
# balance
How the rules have changed for broadcasters when it comes to referendum coverage
Broadcasters don’t have to automatically give the same amount of airtime to both sides – but they do have to make sure the allocation is fair and balanced.
# Court of Appeal referendum
Explainer: What is the Court of Appeal Referendum all about?
All the questions you were embarrassed to ask – answered.
# court referendum
Shatter: One judgment rule change will allow judges to assert their independence
If the referendum is passed next week, as well as setting up a Court of Appeal between the High Court and the Supreme Court, the so-called ‘one judgment’ rule will be removed from the Constitution.
Column: The Court of Appeal referendum is a blind date with a moral hazard
The implications of the Court of Appeal referendum are going over people’s heads because most citizens have never had any direct or personal engagement with the Supreme Court, writes Myles Duffy.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you understand what you are being asked to vote on in the Court of Appeal referendum?
The level of awareness about the second referendum being held on October 4 is reported to be low.