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EU court rules in favour of Graham Dwyer in privacy case, paving way for murder conviction appeal
Dwyer claims that data gathered from his phone should not have been used at his trial.
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Opinion from Europe's top court bolsters Dwyer's case against State over data retention
The non-binding opinion comes ahead of the final ruling of the CJEU.
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EU's top court issues ruling that'll change how Ryanair and other airlines advertise air fares
An Italian watchdog had claimed Ryanair’s practices misled consumers and distorted competition with other airlines.
# Second thoughts
A British lawyer wants the Irish courts to ask if there's a way back from Brexit
If the UK gets a bad deal from the Brexit negotiations, they may be allowed to stay in the EU after all.
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Ireland is allowing unmarked fuel to be used in private boats, so Europe is taking us to court
The European Commission asked Ireland to change legislation, and they haven’t.
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Google must delete your data if you ask, orders judge in landmark case
An EU court has ruled that a person can request certain information to be removed from search engines if “the data appears to be inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.”
# Blocking
EU Court of Justice rules that ISPs can be forced to block copyright-infringing sites
The ruling allows ISPs to decide the best way to combat copyright violations in their respective country.
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Mother not entitled to paid leave because child was born through surrogacy
Ms Z, who is a teacher, was refused any paid leave of absence after her child was born in 2010.
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Ireland still paying €12k-a-day fine for septic tank compliance failure
Environment Minister Phil Hogan had vowed to wrap up EPA inspections – needed for the daily fines to stop – before end of last month but deadline has not been met.
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EU Court of Justice bans 'pay to claim your prize' promotions
Marketers will no longer be allowed to tell consumers that have “won” a prize only to ask them to incur a cost for collection.
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Workers who get sick on holidays 'are entitled to another holiday'
That’s according to the Court of Justice of the European Union, which said today that if a worker becomes ill during annual leave, they are entitled to take that leave at another date.