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7th July 2024 - 13th July 2024
The dentist who orchestrated England's downfall - meet Ireland's new manager
The FAI’s 10-month search came to an end, as Heimir Hallgrimsson was announced earlier today.
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Dentists who are charging customers a Covid-19 fee urged to display prices
Harris smooths out rift with dentists over how to roll out free dental care for kids
HIV positive woman to receive €10,000 in compensation after dentist stops treating her mid-procedure
To avoid 'traumatic' extractions, government set to expand dental care for kids under 6
Dentists withdraw allegations of misconduct against each other after row over CCTV camera
Dentists will stop using metal fillings that have been used in teeth for 150 years
Being treated with chemical pipe cleaner had 'devastating' impact on children
Change to PRSI arrangements could leave women in danger of abusive partners
Your PRSI will now let you get a free scale and polish
Drain cleaning fluid 'got mixed with water' at Ennis dental surgeries
Why do so few Irish people claim back their medical expenses?
If you're self-employed your PRSI will now get you a free check-up at the dentist
Irish children's first dentist visit is years too late, says RCSI
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Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes
'Dentist of horror' accused of horrifically injuring over 100 patients goes on trial
Upscale New York dentist accused of having child pornography and meth, bragging about bestiality
Teens are making their own painful braces in the latest bizarre online trend
That American dentist has killed A LOT of big game — here are 13
Authorities fear up to 11,000 people could have been infected with HIV/Hepatitis at two dentist clinics
Office worker posed as a dentist in New York and pulled people's teeth
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'She's in agony': Four year old faces months of pain due to dental service cutback
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Irish dentists say your kids' teeth will decay if we remove fluoride from water
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'DNA is sexy' but dental records most useful for identifying bodies
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Man goes to doctor with chronic nosebleeds, discovers rogue tooth in nose
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